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Add a Google+ Button to Your Site so readers can follow your blog posts on Google+ comment and share There are 2 ways to install the button, script code and a plugin called googleCards

 Google+ the new social network is a major trip! 

If you have a blog or just have a brain that needs food, get on Google+ and then add a Google+ Follow Me button to your site.



There are 2 ways to add a Google+ Follow Me button to your site

1) The first way.  I was over at  Blog Lectures the site of a buddy of mine, Harrison Li, and was overcome with Google+ button envy!  Harrison showed me one way to get a Google+ button:  Go to Widgets Plus, follow the directions, and get the code.  The button above uses their script code for the shorter variant.  You have the option to add the Google+ Update Feed in the bigger version.


2) A second method in WordPress is to go to Plugins -> Add New -> type in googleCards and get the plugin.  The plugin creates a widget.  Go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag it over to your sidebar.  You add just the number of your Google+ ID.  Add more, like I did the first time, and it won’t work.

3) There’s a third way:  Just give folks the address of your Google+ profile.  In my case it’s

Kind of long to print on a business card, huh?  Enter the  web genius Rob Brown on Google+ who posted a share of >How To Create a Short Google Plus URL.  Check out his post on Google+  one of his three most popular to see other folks who are proud of how short theirs are.

Then go ahead and add me, Astro Gremlin, to your Strange Space Creatures circle!

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  2. Harrison, this is a real picture of me! Seriously, it’s nothing sinister but I try to keep separate my real life, where I have professional visibility and obligations, and my web life, where I share my most real feelings. When Astro Gremlin says he likes you, it comes from the heart!

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