AddToAny vs. Sexy Bookmarks

Sexy Bookmarks supports Facebook Like, Facebook Send, and a Google +1 button, SexyBookmarks social bookmarks offers control over URL link shortener, position and appearance on your blog

Buttons for Twitter, Facebook and other social networks let readers share your blog articles

Social buttons also let readers “like” articles and “follow” so they can see future blogs.

I had been using the AddToAny WordPress plugin to display share and bookmark buttons

But page performance tests like these were telling me that my site had “frames” and told me that was bad.  Upon examination, it became clear that the frames were coming from AddToAny.  Well, I wasn’t about to give up social network buttons, so I lived with the frames warnings.

Then I learned about a comparable plugin call Sexy Bookmarks

The name Sexy Bookmarks is, ironically, kind of a turn-off, especially given the vital role of the Internet in guiding users to “that kind” of site (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  My advice: when you see the word “sexy,” get your mind out of the gutter, start thinking about social bookmarks, and take a cold shower.

I wanted to know if SexyBookmarks used frames and how it compared with AddToAny

I did a search on the phrase “AddToAny vs. Sexy Bookmarks.”  Not as many articles as I had expected, and they were hard to find.  So this article, titled with the search phrase, AddToAny vs. Sexy Bookmarks was written to lead readers to this great resource:

I found this excellent article and how-to video on BlogAid. 

The video, made in early July 2011, walks you through every step of Sexy Bookmark set-up and reviews the  features, including new beta improvements.

  • The latest version of SexyBookmarks supports Facebook Like, Facebook Send, and a Google +1 button

  • SexyBookmarks lets you set how Tweets are forwarded, using your choice of “link shortener” such as,, or the WP plugins, which create a shortened URL string (to save characters in a Tweet).

  • SexyBookmarks offers controls over location, whether buttons appear in feeds, hide from mobile browsers, and appearance.

Momma’s little baby loves shortening, shortening.  SexyBookmarks is smart and showed an error message when I invoked a WP plugin link shortener without actuallyl having installed it.  Tiny URL and both seem to work.

No problem.  If you don’t want the background ( messages like “Sharing is sexy!” pointing to the buttons) the BlogAid video mentions a possible need to jump through some hoops (Uncheck SexyBookmark’s “use new version” switch, uncheck the “use background image” box, and switch the new version mode back on.)  It may have been fixed, because I didn’t experience this.  Although the background image was showing up even though I had unchecked “Use a background image,” when I deleted my cache and reloaded, the image “Sharing is caring” (with hearts dotting the “i”s) had disappeared.

Sexy Bookmarks appear immediately below.  Feel free (hint, hint) to click them all!

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5 thoughts on “AddToAny vs. Sexy Bookmarks”

  1. I did the tests you mention and did not see any report about slow loading speed or frames which you mention. I’m using addtoany while I had removed sexybookmarks because it had stopped working for me and their support was hopeless.
    It was clear to me that the shareaholic (which is the new name for sexybookmarks since it was purchased by shareaholic) plugin is now useless for me unlike the old sexybookmarks plugin.

    1. Thanks, Scirev. Did not know sexybookmarks had changed hands. I previously used Woorank to check for frames and they went away after I switched. I just checked my site and frames are back (probably an ad or something). My site still appears to load pretty fast, which is my main concern, and people are using the buttons. I’m pretty sure there is a better custom method to do sharing buttons, I’m just not smart enough to do the coding!
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  2. I love the design of sexy bookmarks, but I’m not sure if it is the best social sharing plugin out there.

    If someone isn’t use to social media sharing, they might not even notice the half hidden icons or understand what they are there for. Sexy Bookmarks is also less convenient than the Sharebar plugin, which is always accessible to someone who doesn’t want to scroll to the top or bottom of a post to share.

    That said, I do like the look and feel of Sexy Bookmarks, but I think that it is the most effective with people who are already familiar with it. Does it work well for you?

    It would be cool to experiment with both plugins to see which works the best.

    1. So far I haven’t seen much traffic, Josh, but then again I didn’t get much with AddToAny. People do seem to find them – I have a theory that a half-hidden icon might get *more* clicks. I saw your article on Sharebar and it looks like a great option, too. I’m really steering toward individual buttons as soon as I get smart enough to program them myself. Facebook requires a phone number or credit card to prove I’m a “developer” and I resist that sort of thing. One thing I know for sure, social media is immensely powerful and the blogs that can integrate “seamlessly” are going to benefit.

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