Antigravity Discovered? Magnetic Knife Holder Levitates Your Kitchen Tools

Photo of magnetic kitchen knifel holderNot exactly antigravity, but this powerful magnetic bar will “levitate” your knives, scissors and other  steel tools up and onto a wall, freeing up valuable counter or workbench space. 

Made in France, the 15-Inch Stainless-Steel Magnetic Knife Holder has surprisingly strong magnets and holds knives tight. 

Freshly rinsed knives and steel tools dry quickly in the open air — unlike in a wooden knife block — and the stainless steel magnetic knife holder bar stays bright.  And no more wooden knife block taking up counter space!

Spinning Kitchen Tool Holder

Photo of Kitchen Tools

Made by OXO, the Good Grips Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder keeps your kitchen tools organized and literally handy. Check out the video to see how many utensils the spinning container holds.

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4 thoughts on “Antigravity Discovered? Magnetic Knife Holder Levitates Your Kitchen Tools”

  1. A friend of mine has the magnetic holder – she says to get the 20-inch size (an option when you click on the 15-inch one you showcase) if you intend to hang a cleaver up along with other knives.

    And, I love OXO’s product line – always durable, matches any decor, and priced decently.

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    Thanks for landing on my page, Astro G!

    Rose (aka sousababy)

  2. Easy to install and leaves my counter top clear of clutter. Magnet is strong and size is nice, too. I love it!! Thanks for the great suggestion.

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