Are You Running Out of Time?

Running out of time? - photo of a clockRunning out of time to blog?  

You may be doing something wrong.  Or something right!

I discovered recently that I never have enough time to blog.  

Am I disorganized?  Well, yes.  But that’s been the case from day one!

But lately I seem to be writing, commenting, replying to comments, answering e-mail, fooling around with widgets and plugins, and learning, learning, learning.  Social media?  Yes, at least enough to check posts, find a cool tip, and rush back to the dashboard to give it a try.

It didn’t used to be this way.  I wrote a blog post.  And waited.  

Now when I write a post, I rush to share it to Facebook and Twitter, and leave comments with links to the new post on other blogs.  While I’m cruising through the blogging communitiy, I read new ideas for search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, newsletter list building, or ad placement.  Great idea?  I’m back at my blog to try it out.  

Writing, commenting, and setting up methods for monetization — Content, Community and Conversion — make up the essential Blog Triad.  When you first start blogging, you should spend more time commenting than writing posts.  Later, the ratio should reverse.  In either case, you should be busy.  And running out of time.

My theory:  When you start running out of time, you are probably doing something right

Running out of time means you understand the complexity enough to be fully engaged in a task, and that includes running a blog.  When I first heard bloggers talking about how much work it is, I thought smugly, “Hmm, must be a slow writer, poor thing.”

Then I started seeing the same top bloggers popping up commenting, writing guest articles, replying to me, sending me e-mails using their subscriber list.  Riding herd on community engagement, keeping up on developments, sharing tips with other bloggers — it never ends.

Then it hit me.  You can spend every waking minute doing this blog stuff!

When blogging starts to really eat up your time, you are likely taking care of business.  And it is hard work.

Are you running out of time for your blog?  Could be that you are onto an approach that makes good use of your time.  

Remember the movies about the scientist on the verge of a discovery?  The scientist, surrounded by test tubes and electric arcs, is frantically conducting his experiment.  The concerned housekeeper descends to the cellar laboratory with a covered tray, and knocks gingerly on the thick wooden door, only to be rebuffed by the frantic wizard .  “Soon, soon I will have time to eat.”  

The scientist is skinny, his eyes are bugging out, and his hair is all messed up.  And I’m thinking, “That scientist guy hasn’t bathed in a month and probably smells like a dead badger. That housekeeper won’t be back.  He could starve.  But he’s doing Science!”

Is this you when you work on your blog?

If so, you are blogging (or pursuing some other dream) like a mad scientist!  And that’s pretty exciting.

You’re running out of time.  You may be doing something right.  Keep going!  But don’t forget to eat and bathe.  When the work is done for your dream, your science or your blog.

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8 thoughts on “Are You Running Out of Time?”

  1. Bloggers life are very busy and it is very normal to them rushing in doing things need to be finished on that day. I agree with you here that when you are running out of time you did everything right and that’s the true essence of having a running out of time. 🙂 I am running out of time in writing this comment and thanks for the things that I have learn.
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  2. Although blogging is not my expertise but I can understand the workload it brings along. And believe me, not only bloggers but every online marketer who is serious about doing this business find themselves lack of time. I understand that because I’m in affiliate marketing and SEO as well.

  3. I guess it is a common thing for everybody the way we put an effort to the things that we truly want to happen. As a result, we already need to find ways on how we could organized all stuffs well without depriving ourselves on doing other important things in our lives. Maybe we could try to delegate some tasks in order to free ourselves from time to time.
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  4. I think we all undergo the phase you mentioned in the post!

    We need one thing that would sort out this problem, which is called time-management. This is something I am learning to do now after visiting many blogs and reading posts about how people do manage several things, as well as put up posts on their blogs. It is not tough once you make up your mind, and are able to manage or divide your time for various things during the day.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..What Moves You?My Profile

  5. I think every blogger in the World has this problem regarding the lack of time. I had a blog too (I can’t call myself a blogger, it would be a shame for the real bloggers), and I had this problem of having too little time for writing posts, replying to comments and so on. It’s something normal, especially nowadays when we’re always in a hurry.
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