Art for Art’s Sake?

Artistic Purity Is It Possible for a Blog?

Cave painting: Altamira Bison at least 13,000 years old“Greek philosopher Plato spoke about the concepts of Truth, Beauty and Love as concrete and pure ideas that are unencumbered by outside forces. From this philosophy arose the idea of the autotelic (from the Greek autoteles), which implied that a work of art is complete within itself, representing itself and existing purely as a work of art. This idea developed into the phrase, ‘Art for Art’s Sake.’  “Source “Modern Art Concept: Media Purity” at

In Greek “auto” means “self,” and “telos” means “goal.”  Autotelic art has no other goal or purpose than itself.  

If you have ever felt real artistic inspiration, you have known a form of madness.  The urge to create for the sake of the art itself is pure and powerful.  Like falling in love. When it happens, you know it.

The bad news

If you blog for blogging’s sake, the chances are good that no one will see your work.


The world needs some major clues to find your site.

Whether it’s search engines or other people who find you, your blog will not be found without some effort that goes beyond creation itself.

For search engines like Google to find you they need clues.  This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  If you just started blogging using WordPress, get the plugin Headspace 2.  It’s easy to use.

Other advice:  blog more than one article.  And then install the plugin SEO Smart Links.

Let your blog get older.  Being old seems to help search engines believe you are interesting. Ironic, huh?

To contact humans?

First e-mail your mom.  

Okay that’s one.

Getting strangers to view you blog is harder.

But what if my blog articles or art are really good?

Getting strangers to view even your really good blog is hard.

A method that really works.  Leave comments on other blogs.

If you go to sites with CommentLuv installed you can select the posts you want the world to see when you leave a comment.

There are other techniques to guide search engines and humans to your art or writing. Try plugins like Headspace 2 mentioned above, which helps guide search engines, and Linkwithin, which helps guide humans to related posts on your site. There are other plugins. Look around the web, try them all or just some.  It can be a fair amount of effort.

Add social buttons to let people share your posts on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  I use Sexy Bookmarks.  Ultimately, people will share references to your site.  

Once you do all that, artistic expression is possible.  “Expression” meaning that your content is expressed to an audience.  And then you can get back to the art.

Is artistic purity possible for a blog?  Um, not really.  But with a little work you can prepare your site so that your new material gets seen.  I hope you will. 

Author: AstroGremlin

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12 thoughts on “Art for Art’s Sake?”

  1. I believe that blogging for blogging’s sake can work in some cases, just as long as it’s not taken to the extreme and you manage to keep an open mind and you try to diversify your goals. Every blogger should get to this eventually, no matter how much love he has for blogging.
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  2. Franziska, it is a treasure to see you on my site! I love your art and honored to have a real artist comment on my little post. Someday there will be robot crawlers who can find beauty. Until then, art on the web has to engage with search engine optimization, social networking, and other technical distractions to reach an audience.
    And, yes, Adrienne has magic powers!
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..Comment TreasureMy Profile

  3. Hi Astro,

    now this comment is for you (and not just Adrienne, lol -between you and me: I don#t know how she does it, I find here everywhere… She rocks!).

    What a beautiful comparison, love it. Of course you know this post speaks to me with my artsy background, and I’d rather just go with the artistic purity but this is not how it works.
    About the plugins: I got so many and also, I do all the things you said, but I will have to check out your suggestions (I might have them already). Always happy for good new advice that I won’t have to test myself first.
    Thanks for the ideas 😉

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

  4. Concentrating too much of the contents won’t give a blogger the chance to be more creative in his or her blogging. There are lots of other important aspects that a blog owner must focus on so it is truly important to be more creative when it comes to blogging like putting more interesting images or useful videos or might as well redesigning the blog itself to be more pleasing to the eyes of every visitor.
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  5. Great advice Astro…

    I know that when we are just starting out a lot of times we just think that we put up a site and everyone will come. Man, I sure wish it worked like that. All of your tips will truly benefit everyone who wants their blog to get recognized.

    I’ve never heard of Headspace 2 but I’m sure I have something similar to that already. I would just suggest to be consistent with your writing. Get on a schedule and stick with it. It just all takes time but it will be here sooner then you realize if you are consistent with your actions.

    Adrienne recently posted..CommentLuv Premium GoodiesMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      wherever I decide to leave a comment, you’re already there 🙂 Is there a place where you’re not?!
      You are too awesome Adrienne.
      Love xx

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