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Tool box to test blog and website performance, SEO, loading speed, image loading, and blog rank.

Blog Graders Tell You Whether or Not “Is This Thing On?”

So you have started writing a blog.  Congratulations!  

As Steve Martin aka The Jerk aka Navin Johnson excitedly announces when his name is published in the telephone directory, “I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this every day!”

Or not.

If you don’t know how fast your site is loading, the keywords that are driving searches to your URL, or blogging screw-ups you are unwittingly making, you might as well take your blog content, print it out, and stick it in a drawer.

Talking in the forest

Just between us:  Your blog may need a tune-up

This blog grader list is devoted to free tools to grade your blog

The list is updated as new tools appear (and old tools die).  My advice:  Bookmark the page.  I check my grades all the time.

Shall we begin with the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about your blog?

Marketing Grader (formerly Blog Grader) was the inspiration for this page.  Get a free blog grade and a “report card” on your successes and, ahem, areas for improvement.

Tools to grade your blog can be found in an article by Kimberly Turner

List of blog graders I use:

This site is not affiliated with these advanced blog grade products below, which do have paid upgrades.  I use the free versions and you should, too.

Semrush offers some amazing free data on your blog’s success (highly recommended)

SEO Quake gives you a free toolbar to check your blog’s SEO stats on the fly (highly recommended)

Alexa shows you the top search terms coming to your blog, and what future topics and titles would be hot for YOU (highly recommended)

This is Your Moment to promote your blogWould you like to get another backlink and maybe a reader or two?  Promote your blog right here on BlogsNewsReviews using the fabulous CommentLuv plugin.

Loading speed: cherished by robots and humans!  See this eye-opening article on how your photos may be KILLING your blog

Any great blog graders not on the list?  Please leave a comment!

Bonus speed checker→  How fast is your internet connection?


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10 thoughts on “Blog Grader”

  1. Astro G,
    I dunno, I seem to be in limbo – the only action I get is on Squidoo and I feel that some (most?) of my visits are not truly beneficial for me – except for when YOU stop by, of course. Weirdly enough, an article I wrote 2 years ago just received a purple star. I feel like I’m missing something . . I just don’t know enough, I suppose.
    Grateful that you visit me,
    Rose (aka sousababy)

    1. I truly enjoy your material, Rose, and of course like it when you comment. This post used to get lots of hits, now not so much. Still, I think these various blog checkers are super important to at least be confident that your content is loading fast (not an issue on Squidoo).

  2. Bloggrader is fairly obsessed with social media, but also looks at links coming into to your site, unique titles, and well, you can see all the categories. But, Israel, I agree about the score: what elements are generating the points is not clear! Funny though, I change my blog and go back to see if the score has gone up or down. Sometimes I check it just to see if my blog is alive!
    Administrator recently posted..Fear of Public Speaking My Profile

  3. I tried it out, it’s cool but doesn’t really explain what the blog score means. Everything at the bottom was checked as good except estimated traffic rank and SEO authority, same as you posted. My score is 22 though and yours is 94. It gives me no tips to increase the score, nor any hint as to what a good score is. Overall an interesting tool, but rather useless in my opinion.
    Israel Kendall recently posted..Billboard Top 1,000 Songs of the 1980′s – A Spotify PlaylistMy Profile

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