Coleman Portable Folding Table for Camping Kitchen plus 2 Benches

Ruggedly constructed, this aluminum table for camping holds many times its own weight and adds a touch of civilization to your campsite kitchen.

True story: This Coleman table and bench set became the functional center of our campsite.  We got hit by ferocious rainstorms.  Set up under a tarp and surrounded by mud, this little table became the central repository for stuff we wanted to keep out of the dirt.  

We moved the benches around for seating and holding plates of food while cooking.

The Coleman Camping table and benchesProduct Review: Our Camping Experience

The benches are light and extremely sturdy, doubling as great fireside seating and mini-tables to keep your food out of the dirt while you cook on a campfire.  

This is not a trivial benefit:  the benches do not melt or catch on fire.

Coleman Pack-Away Picnic Set Features:

  • Picnic table dimension 35 x 24
  • Bench dimension 35 x 12
  • Easy set-up and take down
  • Benches store inside of table
  • Table supports 300 lbs.; benches support up to 400 lbs. each
  • Lightweight — the whole shooting match — table and benches — weighs only 18.8 pounds.  
  • Strong — together the table and benches hold 1,100 pounds.  That’s 58 times the set’s own weight!  We are talking a superstrong, portable, compact camping table.  
  • Waterproof, rustproof and easy to wipe down, even with you hand you can remove standing water.
  • The Pack-Away Picnic Set is easy to set up and take down.  The benches store compactly inside the table to make a suitcase-like unit. 
Note:  the table is narrow, 24 inches or two-feet wide.  No, it’s not your home dining room table.  
But the modest width allows you to stow the set in a small space such as a car trunk.  A wider table top would have a fold or separate pieces.
All pieces are constructed of durable polished aluminum.  After a night it the rain, the benches wiped dry in seconds.  
Light as a feather, the benches have a plastic surface, just like the table.  You can easily carry one around with one hand.  Beats sitting on a wet log.
Our recommendation:

Strong, lightweight, rugged and functional, the Coleman Pack-Away Picnic Set really carried its weight at our campsite.  Unless you drive over it with your car, this Coleman table should last for decades of happy camping.

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The Coleman Camping table and benches

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  1. Coleman coolers saved me hundreds of dollars in food when my fridge stopped working – on two separate occasions. Their products are excellent (had mine for 20 years now). And you are sooo right about the safety factor of getting benches that don’t melt or catch on fire. (I wrote about my Coleman cooler in this article: What to do if your fridge stops working).
    Stay green (and well),
    Rose (aka sousababy)

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  3. Hey Stan, thanks for stopping by. Yes, Coleman is usually not the cheapest, but often the most reliable and well designed. This is the kind of equipment that would last a lifetime, but you have to ask yourself, How much camping can I fit into a lifetime?! But even one camping trip that isn’t completely miserable because of a piece of gear can make it worth the investment.
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