CommentLuv Enabled Gold Mine

Picture of a heartJust found a fabulous list of blogs that have CommentLuv Enabled 

For the hepcats who know what CommentLuv is . . . hey, where did everybody go?  Oh, they’re off to the gold mine.

But for the rest of you . . .

What is CommentLuv and why should I care?

Search engines rank your blog based on several factors, one being how many sites link back to your site.  These are called “linkbacks” and are a measure of your blog’s “authority.”  (I think that’s where authority comes from; will let you know for sure if I get any.)

My original plan:  To gain “authority” I would write clever and useful articles and soon feature articles about me would appear, of course, including a link to my blog. . . .


Linkback Plan B

I discovered, quite innocently, that when you comment on another blog, and include your website’s URL, the blog where you commented sends back a link!  (Use the URL box provided. Don’t put your URL in the comment text – it’s considered bad form and spammy.) 

Linkbacks to your site are known as “link juice” or “love” as in “sharing the love.”

Also quite innocently, but indicative of my excellent taste, I discovered I had been leaving comments on sites with high Page Ranking (PR) which means they also have a lot of authority (I think).

Leaving comments on other blogs, especially those with high PR, makes a huge difference in your blog’s own Page Ranking.  

CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that lets your commenters include a link to a specific post.  Also, depending on the settings, CommentLuv lets them add a “keyword” they wish to have associated with their blog’s address.  Sites with this setting “on” allow you to type “YourName@squirrel jackets” in the Name box.  This example search keyword, “squirrel jackets”  will be most beneficial if your site sells or tailors jackets for squirrels.  Otherwise you should pick a different @keyword.

Sites with CommentLuv enabled are very good for backlinks.

What’s cool about the CommentLuv Enabled goldmine from Ana’s fabulous Traffic Generation Cafe?  

Ana has painstakingly organized the list of CommentLuv enabled sites based on their Page Rank.  

And she has done more than that.

No Follow, Do Follow, and why did they let Tarzan write the Internet?

There’s another important setting for sites where you leave comments: whether or not the site is set to “No Follow” or “Do Follow.”  No Follow means that search engines don’t follow the links from comments.

Leaving comments on No Follow sites brings less “link juice” back to your blog. WordPress defaults to No Follow.  Why?  Well, sending search engines off to other sites actually lowers your own “authority” (I think that’s the word for it.)  

Of course, humans reading your comment can manually click on your name and come to your site, and if they click the CommentLuv article you selected, they will go directly to that post.  So “No Follow” only refers to robot search engines. 

Leave an awesome comment or a tantalizing post title and people may click on it, even if the site is No Follow!

But some crazy sites, like this one, have Do Follow on (for now, anyway – if I start to get authority I may start to care about losing it).  Ana, has listed high ranking sites with that rare and amazing Do Follow setting on!  She also has listed only active sites.  No fool’s gold here!

My prediction:  Traffic Generation Cafe’s list of CommentLuv enabled sites will become a popular reference.

Okay, non-hep cats, or  I should say nouveau hep cats since you read all the way down here, check out that CommentLuv Enabled goldmine now that you know what it’s for.

And if you are a blogger who would like the super duper premium version of CommentLuv check out this giveaway on Ana’s site:

There is a great giveaway going on at the Traffic
Cafe Blog where you can win your own copy of Thesis
Theme, as well as a 30-minute consultation with Ana Hoffman.
Participating is very easy! Visit target=”_blank”>Thesis Theme giveaway page for more

Please don’t be shy about trying out or practicing commenting on random Do Follow, CommentLuv enabled sites like (hint, hint) this one!  Just don’t leave spam because I have a plugin that will tell Google not only about your links you leave, but the links of Your Entire Family.

And now . . . . Premium CommentLuv is available.

Author: AstroGremlin

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  1. According to after reading about commentluv i have stopped reading other posts. It is a good way to build quality links as far as you are not spamming.

  2. I have been using Comment Luv and Keyword Luv and appreciate what they do for my blogging. You saying that DoFollow is an improvement over them or is it an add-on You will find sites related to dolphins that use commentLuv.

  3. I have been using Comment Luv and Keyword Luv and appreciate what they do for my blogging. Are you saying that DoFollow is an improvement over them or is it an add-on?You will find sites related to dolphins that use commentLuv.

  4. Awesome article for my own reference because I was doing some research for my next post. Kudos to you to make it simple and easy to understand. One more thing that you can add to your article is how you can make a link follow and no follow
    Here is what I can add.
    when you put rel=”nofollow” as an attribute to your hyperlink a link become No Follow, While if you don’t mention rel=”nofollow” in your hyperlink then by default it is followed
    Jaspreet Chahal recently posted..How to setup Google DriveMy Profile

  5. create backlinks increase your ranking and it is very important tool through you get very good traffic and in this page he explain good how and why create backlink and he told the importance of backlinks

  6. CommentLuv premium will be a hit with its more advanced and more quality features.

    commentluv rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………

  7. Its a great way to build free links pack to your site which can help your page rank and your serp rankings. it shocks me that there are so many webmasters that do not understand link building.

    1. George, I just used your site to leave a comment and it worked perfectly. Didn’t try using a deep link as my “home page” (an alternative URL to an article instead of my home page) but may in the future. Some sites let one do that, others don’t. Of course one always gets to post the article selected under the CommentLuv options. It’s an amazing way to send links to more than just your your home page.
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..Leave More Comments with Dragon PowerMy Profile

  8. Thank you for the great insight. I love the fact that your website can rank on top with personalized Google + searches. Wow…Google is really owning the Internet today, will be a great competitor for Facebook. it is very helpful and interesting. Thank you for posting this article.

    1. Emelia, the CommentLuv mechanism is so sophisticated for leaving “anchor texts” that it really is a game changer. You don’t just direct a reader to your site, you send them to a particular article! See how I link to “How to Build a Campfire” and make it my “website” link and add the keywords, “campfire secrets”? A search engine sees these relationships. I’ll make a fortune selling campfires!
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..How to Build a CampfireMy Profile

  9. Sharing other peoples work will not lower your authority, that’s a common misconception, blog owners try and not to link to others because they are selfish and do not want to let their readers leave their websites, commentluv is a very good way to build links… But I definitely prefer Keywordluv And blog commenting is a really good way to increase trafic.just so they can stay for longer, that’s the reason.

  10. I have mixed feelings about this plugin. I’ve used it on my sites to try and get a discussion started, but most of the people that leave comments don’t say anything useful. I find myself dealing with quite a bit of spam. i get more quality comments but it takes more work to moderate them.
    Mike recently posted..Emailing + Texting Tips For Online DatingMy Profile

    1. Mike, it’s true that one gets a little more human spam and that takes up time. The quality of comments has definitely gone up, along with the total volume, which like a Thanksgiving canned goods collection bin, always includes a little Spam. I’m a fast reader and fairly ruthless when I detect evidence that the commenter has not read the post. Gee whiz, it’s not that hard to get past my moderation. I do check the link for being real and even crazy new niche sites need Luv, too. All it really takes is a little PRETENDING to have read the article. 🙂 I used to approve robot spams when they were complimentary enough. Yes, I was that lonely and gullible. With the built-in GASP plugin in CommentLuv there are no more robot spammers. Sigh. They were so kind. Appreciate your comment, Mike.
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..Are You Running Out of Time?My Profile

  11. My Blogger blog has stopped updating my feeds – it’s showing that I haven’t posted in a month on my friend’s blogrolls (I post several times a week!), Commentluv can’t connect to my last blog posts, some of my subscribers are not getting notified of updates, etc.

    1. Hmmm, my standalone WordPress blog seems to be feeding just fine to FeedBurner (except for the hackneyed content, but that’s my fault). As you can see I use CL. I don’t know the answer but sorry you are having trouble. These blasted computers are so persnickity and these services are all bathed in greed, not service. Stepping down from the soapbox now.
      Administrator recently posted..Giant Funnels: Behind the Backlinking Curtain My Profile

  12. Well, commentLuv is definitely was a great free plugin for wordpress websites. However, now it has become a premium plugin and people who were using that plugin are disappointed. I think there should be something free for people using that plugin since it was unveiled.

  13. Hey Astro, this is a nice bunch of SEO advice, all is factual and right on the spot but I have to disagree with “linking to other blogs will lose you authority”, that is a popular myth and has been proven to be not true by many experts.

    Sharing other peoples work will not lower your authority, that’s a common misconception, blog owners try and not to link to others because they are selfish and do not want to let their readers leave their websites, just so they can stay for longer, that’s the reason.

    Anyway, a fact is that Ana’s blog list is surely a nice collection but because of the fact that Google divides the equivalent amount of link juice respectively to each outgoing link, the link juice a blog’s link can get is very little since everyone is getting some from that same page.

    Happy Blogging 😀
    Harrison Li recently posted..3 Ways To Shine Holy Light Upon Your Words That Baits AttentionMy Profile

    1. Hey Harrison,
      Thanks for the clarification. The idea of losing “link juice” and probably not explained well, is based on what I’ve heard about No Follow on comments draining away the attention by the search engines. They go off looking at the comment links, rather than looking deeper on the site. That’s the theory, anyway. Sharing other people’s work directly in articles may do that, too, but the drain is offset by the traffic coming to see good stuff! That’s my experience, anyway. I have an article on getting the paragraph break to work in the WP editor using Tiny MCE and it has generated *huge* amounts of traffic both to and from the article where I first found it.

      Did not know that about juice being shared among outgoing links from a single page. Makes sense. I do expect that Ana’s page will become a Wikipedia-level authority source for CommentLuv links (with various settings for NF and DF) with lots of humans looking for good sites that let them comment/link. I know the reason I keep coming back to your site has nothing to do with what a search engine tells me. It’s because you have great blogging tips!

      Since I lack much of a page rank, I’m not worried about having Do Follow set on my comments and folks can pick from their top 10, too. I just get a kick out of serious comment exchanges! Always good to hear from you, buddy.
      Administrator recently posted..Add a Google+ Button to Your SiteMy Profile

      1. Haha, that’s cool, we’re all set 😀 If you want to get a high page rank quick, just guest post high PR blogs like ProBlogger and DBT, the backlink you get from your bio will give you loads of authority.

        I guest posted on those blogs last month, and once the backlinks got picked up, my PR went from 0 straight to 2, it’s pretty easy because those were high quality backlinks. Anyway I don’t see any importance in have a high PR. (just my opinion)

        Haha thanks for your praise, but you know, I’ve given up Blog Lectures, so you should stop checking it out, I just wrote my last blog post yesterday, but you should never stop!
        Harrison Li recently posted..3 Ways To Shine Holy Light Upon Your Words That Baits AttentionMy Profile

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