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Screen save of the CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search

Would you like to  find CommentLuv enabled sites where you can leave comments (and get backlinks to your site)?  

How about the ability to search on keywords relevant to YOUR site to find CommentLuv enabled sites where you can leave backlinks, er, comments?  

Targeted search for CommentLuv backlinking sound like a dream?

Dream no longer!  Enter the Global CommentLuv Enabled Search Site.  It’s a special search engine created by CommentLuv’s Any Bailey.  Ordinarily available only to his Premium CommentLuv customers, Andy made a special link for affiliates to share access with our readers to help promote CommentLuv Premium.  Look how good he is to us!

This search engine lets you enter ANY keyword and find relevant CommentLLuv sites that welcome your comments.  

As always, don’t be spammy with your comments or they won’t be approved.  Read the article and say something that shows you read it.  Use the writer’s name in your comment.  In short, behave like a great CommentLuv commenter.

“OK, OK, sounds great.  Tell me how to get to this great search engine already!”

There are two ways to get to use the Global CommentLuv Enabled Search Site

1)  Purchase CommentLuv Premium and get automatic access

2) Try it for free here —>  Global CommentLuv Enabled Search Site

Enter your e-mail to get temporary access to this amazing search engine.  You will undoubtedly get some sales literature and search engine access is temporary.  But the comments (and backlinks) you create won’t go away when time runs out on your free trial!

Full disclosure, this is a Premium CommentLuv Enabled affiliate site and if you end up purchasing CommentLuv Premium through either of these links, this site will share in the proceeds.  

When I became a Premium CommentLuv member, I automatically got the free option to become a CommentLuv Premium affiliate.  

Being a CommentLuv Premium affiliate is just like being a vampire, except  instead of turning people into bloodsucking monsters, you turn other bloggers into great CommentLuv Premium users and affiliates!  Come, become one of us.  

In the meantime, take advantage of the freebie free search engine!

To get this 


Screen save of the CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search



 Global CommentLuv Enabled Search Site

Click on this

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18 thoughts on “CommentLuv Enabled Search Engine”

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  2. CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that will search your blog’s feed when you post a comment on a blog with it installed. It then places a link to your most previous post in the comment you wrote, for some extra link juice to an internal link on your blog. You can use our dofollow blogs search engine to find blogs using CommentLuv.

  3. The thing I love with commentluv is its search engine, This allows me to search commentluv blogs easily than google search itself and can easily filter relevant blogs my daily surfing for interesting articles.

  4. Let me start from the scratch, when you make a website start making i.e. its design should be search engine friendly; development will be accordingly. Then come SEO, competitor analysis, keyword research is the most crucial in search engine optimization.

  5. The Commentluv is a great way to reward your visitors with a backlink. The visitor is also encouraged to add his comments and moderation makes it possible to filter spammy comments.

  6. Andy Bailey is without doubt a premium guy himself.
    And without any doubt at all commentluv premium rocks, the blogging world. However, I still prefer Google to do my searching, after all its considered the best search engine in the world.
    I highly recommend anyone blogging without commentluv should get it.

    Steve recently posted..What Is Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  7. I down loaded this up date and lost my google search engine. I want to enable and continue to use the google seach engine as my primary search engine. How do I do this?

  8. Hey Astro,

    I love CLUVE custom search. I have found so many great cluv enabled blogs for commenting and best of all I end up building really good relationship with many of those bloggers as well. Its a great tool and its a win win for all parties.

    Its another reason to get cluv premium as I believe there is no other plugin like cluv.
    Satrap recently posted..How to Make Money FastMy Profile

    1. Satrap, it saves a tremendous amount of time to find relevant CommentLuv sites and you know that odds are good the blog is fairly serious if it has invested in CLUVE. When I am considering leaving a comment, seeing the CLUVE option is like a big WELCOME sign.
      AstroGremlin recently posted..Happy Solstice!My Profile

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