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Today my blog had a problem with CommentLuv Premium.  

More precisely, CommentLuv had a problem with my blog.

Even with CommentLuv enabled, comments were not being offered the usual rewards.

The CommentLuv plugin lets you control with exquisite permission what comments are given DoFollow links, how many choices commenters are given among their recent posts to promote beneath their comment, and much more.  In fact, CommentLuv builds in multiple plugins, including the amazingly effective GASP anti-spam plugin.

When you are a CommentLuv user, you get VIP treatment when you visit other sites. Rewards like a choice of 10 posts and even pages.

So even though I was getting the rewards on other blogs,  I desperately wanted CommentLuv Premium to work on my site.

Other than my wacky articles, people have few incentives to comment!

After trying some fixes on my own (always recommended) I submitted a “ticket” to CommentLuv support.

What happened next was not my typical experience.  Andy replied within two hours, not a mean feat given our geographic separation.

First he instructed my to turn off caching and clear the cache.

Then, within five minutes, I got a message that my WP Minify was breaking due to a different plugin.

Wrote Andy Bailey, “CommentLuv premium works fine with wp minify so there must be another plugin that is using badly formatted javascript.”

“Try deactivating wp-minify to see if that fixes things.”

I turned off the WP Minify setting for Javascript, the clouds parted, and CommentLuv Premium began showing its familiar friendly rewards for my commenters!

MY blog had the problem, not CommentLuv.  But CommentLuv went the extra mile to troubleshoot the problem.

This is not the first time Andy has provided this level of support.  On another occasion he pointed out that I had added a (redundant) plugin to thread comments, when WordPress provides threading automatically.  I had two “reply” buttons!  Doh!

When I first installed CommentLuv Premium, MY weird virus checker was sequestering the sign-up e-mails.  Andy patiently performed a work-around.

I’m a beginning blogger.  I install lots of plugins.  I don’t actually know what I’m doing.

Andy Bailey at CommentLuv made all the difference in helping me figure out MY problems.

Can I guarantee that Andy will fix your site, too?  Of course not.  Can I report my personal experience, gratitude, and satisfaction with CommentLuv Premium support?  You bet!

I will tell you straight up:  I’m a proud CommentLuv Premium affiliate (I got to become one when I became a proud member of the CLP club.  And with this kind of support, I’m getting prouder every day!

Did you read all the way down here?  Shucks.  

Just for doing that I’m going to share with you an amazing gift from Andy Bailey, a video series on How to Get Noticed on the Internet.  It’s a promotional gift and Andy shared it with CommentLuv Premium affiliates, and how I’m sharing it with you.

Just click on the heart below to get the FREE CommentLuv video series on How to Get Noticed on the Internet.

click here →  ♥

Author: AstroGremlin

Came to Earth recently.

56 thoughts on “CommentLuv Premium Support”

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  4. Hi,
    Me alsoI bought Commenluv Premium a few days ago and I surely can vouch that it really is one of the best WordPress Plugin made. It has so many features that you get overwhelmed when you start using it for the first time.

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  9. They are forced to waste his time and other people log to time fix something that’s not really your fault. We disable all plugins and went on enabling them one by one just to be clear its not that there is a conflict with CommentLuv.

  10. I’m a huge fan of this plug-in and fully believe in the blogger’s right to moderate the comments that are posted on their site. A blog is only as good as it’s content and if the content is rubbish, well…

    Cool post.

  11. i read this blog this is very good and nice sharing blog.i want to share some thing that when i didn’t know about commentsluv blogs and commentsluv keywords lot of my time wasted.but once iread this blog in which good share about commentsluv.i want to try to use it .when i tried i find it is very good thing for me.then and forever i would be using this way….

  12. Hi Astro Gremlin!

    Just thought i’de stop by and congratulate you on your hugely successful blog.

    I love how you call ‘comment luv’ a reward for your readers! Great, positive attitude, which is probably why your blog is so popular.

  13. We stumbled over here coming from a different web address and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to looking at your web page yet again.

  14. Hi Astro,

    Sorry to hear your problems with the plugin WP Minify setting and Commentluv.

    Great to hear that Andy supported you – I know the feeling when something isn’t working and I need assistance quick.

    I didn’t use the WP Minify plugin, which is the use of the same?

    Have a great week!


    1. Hey, Gera. Good to see you! Both WP Minify and CommentLuv are great plugins, the problem is coming not from them but from some bad Javascript in another application. (Believe it or not, by blog is not perfect and I’m not surprised that some code is goofy.) What is amazing is that Andy was able to diagnose and cure it in a matter of minutes.
      Administrator recently posted..Comment TreasureMy Profile

  15. Excellent to hear you had a similar experience with Andy.

    To be honest I don’t know how he does it. Every time I’ve had a problem (there’s been a few!) Andy is on it and giving absolutely premium service and support…

    Brilliant support for a wonderful plugin. Great to see you’re a part of the CommentLuv community too Astro 🙂

  16. Hi Astro,

    I am so glad I came across this post. I am experiencing the same problem and I have been trying to fix the problem, but I couldn’t. I do have wp minify and cahcing plug in as well.

    A quick question; after you deactivated wp minify, the CLUV started working, but were you able to re activate wp minify or you just have to give up wp minify?….
    Thanks In advance.

    And yes, Andy is a great guy. He always goes the extra mile.
    satrap recently posted..30 Ways to Make Money in College Without a JobMy Profile

    1. Hi Satrap,
      On my (and your) WP Minify are several settings. Under “General Configuration” I unchecked ONLY “Enable JavaScript Minification.” The presumption, just to be clear is not that there is a conflict with CommentLuv, there’s not — there is a conflict with some (as yet undetermined – yes, I’m that lazy) plugin that uses JavaScript. So I have the majority of WP Minify still working. Hope this helps!
      Administrator recently posted..What Is Your Blog’s Trajectory?My Profile

  17. Actually I have experienced this once too (not on your site though), I subscribed, but I did not get the promised benefits. Lately I experienced a very weird message too about the version of CommentLuv plugin wasn’t supported any more, which made the plugin not function at all. Isn’t Andy a great guy? I mean, he responds and acts on problems so fast. Hopefully he keeps up the good work as his businesses grows bigger. Because this is going to happen. He is a guy with killer ideas and damn good self promotive skills.
    Emilia recently posted..When it all comes to dental implant…My Profile

  18. I actually had a a similar problem, and my problem was a little more strange. I could see some people were able to comment using commentluv premium while some people were unable to do so including me. So I disable all plugins and went on enabling them one by one. At last I found that was giving some issues with Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate which was a little bit old version, I went the MBP site and download their newer version and updated the plugin and now everything is working properly including Comluv Prem. But the bad thing is that the new version of Ninja affiliate is asking me License which the old version never asked and I posted a ticked to their forum asking them the license since I did not have it in my member account but no replies still after 3 days : / Anyways I am glad that the Commentluv Premium has started working 🙂
    Shiva recently posted..Commentluv Premium Review – Why I Opted For ItMy Profile

  19. This is one of the biggest problems with WordPress, you throw in a lot of third-party plugins that normally are not tested with each other working at the same time, and then something crashes. And you have no idea what. And you’re forced to waste your time, and other people time to fix something that’s not really your fault.
    Happens to the best of us. Glad to see CommentLuv was not the one that caused the problem.
    Claire recently posted..All About Bathroom Mold RemovalMy Profile

    1. Claire, you put it your finger on the strength and weakness of WordPress: free plugins by third parties. There are some that openly acknowledge that there will be conflicts and others that don’t (and can’t) really know. CommentLuv is a professionally written and supported plugin, and Andy really knows his programming.
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..How Do I Check My Google Page Rank?My Profile

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