CommentLuv Premium Turbocharged Anchor Text

The amazing plug-in, CommentLuv  Premium, is sweeping the blogosphere!

Invented by coding guru Andy Bailey, CommentLuv gives you the power to reward commenters with links back to their own articles.  You can set the rewards to encourage more comments, notify Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc., or lure readers to register to your site.

CommentLuv Premium is amazingly flexible for you the blog owner to offer other bloggers rewards

But as a commentor, the CommentLuv Premium offers you equal flexibility.

Standard Comment Method

The standard comment technique is to enter your name, your e-mail address, the URL of your homepage, a comment politely and tastefully crafted, and finally, a link to your most recent post. 

Using this standard approach offers the usual opportunity to make a politely worded germane comment and to promote one of your articles, where cleverness and creativity are reflected in the post’s title.

Let’s Kick It up a Notch

When the CommentLuv blog where you are commenting allows it, you have an additional power.  This is the power to add keywords following your name and the “@ ” sign.  Thusly, Astro Gremlin@knickknacks for sale. ”  

To have this power bestowed upon you may be required to have left three comments, or met some other condition, or may not be allowed at all  (bummer).

Keywords of your choosing are limited in number, ranging from 1 to 9, typically 3 to 4.

These words serve as what is called “anchor text” for your site.  Search engines such as Google see these anchor text words associated with the URL address of your homepage.  If you are a purveyor of knickknacks, for example, the keyword anchor text “knickknacks” tells search engines that your site is relevant to that topic.

For example, if you happen to have a personal blog and happen to be an ax murderer fan, the “anchor text” keywords such as “chop chop,” “Lizzie Borden,” or “40 whacks” might all work well to let Google know what your site is about. Photo of Lizzie Borden for CommentLuv Premium Turbocharged

This flexibility offers you nearly infinite creative opportunity to let the world know with many word combinations just what a reader can expect when they click on your name. 

Leave enough of these kinds of anchor text keywords around the Internet and you may become the featured guest for a long interview.  By an “edgy” talk radio show or local law enforcement.

You can add a boost to the overall gestalt, at least for a human reader, by promoting an exciting post title from the CommentLuv pulldown menu.  “Mom Gets 40, Dad 41: Gender Inequity?”  “Sharpening Tips and Do They Really Make a Difference” or “Diplomatic Conversation Starters with Standoffish Neighbors.”

To set these choices, get CommentLuv  Premium, and in your settings select a list of your best post AND page titles to promote when you leave a comment.

Going the Distance

Now these standard techniques are going to, of course, promote your featured article.  Moreover, choice keyword anchor texts for your homepage are going to notify Google of its relevance to those keywords.  Make it a habit of commenting on five, 10 or 20 sites a day the search engines soon get multiple clues about the topics in your homepage content.

Put It on Turbo

Here’s the really cool tip.  What if instead of the standard homepage URL, you put in the URL of a specific post?  Let’s say you have a landing page deep in your site and you enter its full address instead of the standard homepage URL.  Now the keywords you select are going to serve as anchor text for that specific article.

Let’s assume you’re getting a little bored with the ax murderer thing and want to branch out into arranging and photographing flowers.  Instead of your usual ax murderer homepage, you enter the full link to an article called “My Favorite Funeral Wreath Designs.”  Now you also diverge from your usual keywords, and type after your name “@ lilies and ferns.”  For a comment on another site, you could use the same article URL but this time put “@babies breath” or  “@black roses.”  For these comments you can also select a nice article from your collection, say, “Natural Fertilizers for Amazing Fern Growth.”

Example of Premium CommentLluv Turbo Settings

See below how relevant keywords are set up to anchor Astro Gremlin’s “home” link which is really an article.Screen shot of Premium CommentLuv


Look at What You’ve Done

By using different URLs for your new “home” link with selected relevant keywords, you are directing traffic to a targeted part of your blog.  I don’t know if the selection of relevant feature post adds any extra oomph to the search engine’s perception of this new target.  But it couldn’t hurt. 

Put some relevant keywords into your comment itself.  This isn’t hard.  Tell the writer that their prose is flowery yet peaceful and makes you want to visit often.  Who knows if this adds a fourth level of CommentLuv  Premium turbocharged relevance to your anchor text?

Call to Action

If all this power has made you a bit feverish, you may want to splash some cold water on your face.  Now it’s time to buy your very own license to wield CommentLuv  Premium with the force and finesse of a champion lumberjack. 

The CommentLuv Plugin

Just click on the CommentLuv ad.  It’s right up there.  You’ll thank me when you start turbocharging  your anchor text keywords with CommentLuv  Premium.

Author: AstroGremlin

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  1. Off-course, Anchor text play an important role the the internet marketing of a website. There should be proper use of the anchor text. This is the useful information shared here. I am glad to know about that

  2. Commentluv premium is amazing…CommentLuv is a great plugin. Not only does it encourage discussion, it gives the people who comment an incentive to get their latest post seen by my other visitors.

  3. The CommentLuv premium plugin seems the way to go. Have you noticed any noticeable reduction in the amount of spam on your blog since installing the plugin? I know it is supposed to help with blog spam, but I wonder if it really does.

  4. I really appreciate this review post. I have been using CommentLuv for so long but of recent, I came across this blog and I saw the premium functions and it ‘wowed’ me. It is really a nice way of getting comments and at the same time, having your commenters promote your blog posts. I will be going for the premium very soon.

  5. If I want to do some back linking from a PR5 site. And leave a comment with anchor text on their inner pages, do their PR have any positive effect on my site. Or is it only the do-follow that counts in this situation ?

  6. I love the axe murderer analogy, greatly inventive and made your post fun to read. 🙂 I learned a few things as well. I wasn’t certain how the settings worked for adding additional keywords after your name…wasn’t really even sure why you would want to. It makes better sense now. I am a big fan of commentluv. Kudos to the developer!
    Seth Lyman recently posted..Does no no Hair Removal work?My Profile

      1. Seth, as mentioned in my reply to you below, you can use up to 9 keywords. Go nuts! Also, feel free to use my “Promote Your Blog Here” page. My name with the long phrase above should link to it. Enter as much or as little about your site, your plan for monetization, how long you’ve been blogging, your products . . . whatever might get people to click.
        Astro Gremlin recently posted..Leave More Comments with Dragon PowerMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Seth. Your keywords worked just fine. I just went to your No No Hair Remover site with no problems. This site is set to accept up to 9 keywords, so feel free to “go longtail” with your anchor texts. The principle is that you will associate your site with a long, targeted phrase in the “mind” of the search engines. BTW if you begin promoting Yes Yes Hair Addition, let me know! 🙂
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..What Happened to My Traffic? CommentLuv Enabled Rocket Motor My Profile

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  9. I’ve read about it on a lot of blogs and i know it’s a top notch plugin. My only problem with it is it doesn’t remember the keyword after @ and i have to write it every time i want to comment on the same blog. Or maybe it’s something from my browser settings, not sure. But the problems came up roughly since this plugin came online.

    1. Hey, Stan, not sure about your settings, but I have the premium version and it does “remember” the last five keyword strings after I type the “@.” Ironically, the experts say that one should “mix it up” with anchor texts, using as many relevant words/phrases as possible, rather than just one. So I have to remember to dream up new and different @ keywords. You may be better off manually setting different anchors. 🙂 What I find much more labor-saving is that CL “remembers” the last several URLs I have input for my “website.” As the article above explains, you can use “website” to link to your specific pages and posts.
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..CommentLuv Premium Support My Profile

  10. Hey, Dennis, thanks for the comment. The beauty part is that even if you don’t want to plunk down cash right away for the premium version, you still get to use the power of CommentLuv. The blogosphere needs CommentLuv users as much as premium hosts, which is why I believe Andy will continue to support the free version. As you say, it really is a win-win.
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..7 Funny Amazon Customer Reviews My Profile

  11. Hey,

    Haven’t used this plugin yet but i have head nothing but good things about it. It provides something to both the blog owner and visitor. so this is a win-win situation and i think i am going to use it in the future, however i think i am not going to use the premium version just yet..

    Warm wishes,
    Dennis recently posted..Top 10 Best Software Packs For Mac – 2011My Profile

    1. Hi Claire, even if a blogger doesn’t have the premium plugin, he or she can benefit from using CommentLuv on other people’s blogs. The tips in this article work just as well for a commenter who has gained permissions on another site. So even if you don’t buy the plugin, you get to use it!
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..How to Start a BlogMy Profile

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