Lost Your Writing Mojo?

Assignments may pay good money, offer security, keep the wolf from the door, but they just don’t hook up with the creative juice. You have lost your writing mojo.

Have you got your writing mojo working?

Sooner or later most of us get involved in writing gigs that drain our inspiration.

Assignments may pay good money, offer security, keep the wolf from the door, but they just don’t hook up with your creative juice.  You have lost your writing mojo.

Chances are you got into writing about a topic that turned you on.  People liked your writing because you had a natural drive to make that topic interesting.

Something made you a writer. It’s your job to remember what that was.

What was it that made you take the path to here? What turned you on about writing? Was it getting your byline on a feature? Was it writing your first piece that made money? Was it getting a chance to share an idea that nobody else had?

Phil Donahue once said, “If you want to be interesting, be interested.”

Readers can feel it if you aren’t into it.  You have got to believe that what you have to say is so cool, so new or so different that your reader would miss out if you didn’t tell them.  That may mean you need to dig a little deeper.  So you have to write about something that seems dull to you.  But here is the deal:  you are a writer.  It is your job to make it interesting.  You have to find the most interesting angle on the story, dig up new info, and find a compelling way of telling the story.

Look at Reader’s Digest:  I am Joe’s spleen.

Nobody gave a crap about the spleen.  The editors at Readers Digest knew that nobody would read articles like “How the Spleen Works.”  But they found a new angle for a whole series on the human body:  I Am Joe’s . . .  (fill in human organ of your choice).  THAT  got readers’ attention.  Readers wondered what it would be like to BE a spleen.  What would your job be if you were a spleen?  What challenges would you face?  What if you didn’t get along with Joe’s pancreas?  What would happen to Joe if you screwed up?

Dull topic, cool approach. That’s real writing mojo.

Lost Your Writing Mojo

Creativity demands a little effort.

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