Google is Working for Your Blog

Google is working to supply tools to improve your blog, use Google search to check your blog, see page descriptions, increase traffic. Google’s mission is to help good blogs

Google works for blogs like a dairy farmer works for the cowsGoogle is working to improve your blog

Google supplies free tools for search engine optimization.  It’s in Google’s self interest.

Why does Google care about blogs?  Google is in the business of serving up meaningful web searches and ads.  

Google works for blogs the way a dairy farmer works for cows.  Better, healthier, well structured blogs result in better searches, an orderly web,  and more satisfied users. Advertising, a mainstay of Google, works better when blogs connect with the right users. Am I comparing your blog to a dairy cow?  Well, yes!  And Google wants to skim the cream for searchers. 

Google’s stated mission: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” This excellent article, Google’s Mission Statement: the Key to SEO Success, explains the deeper implications of Google’s mission for on-line businesses.

I have written in the past about cool sites that grade your blog  and “diagnose” how fast your page loads, how it ranks, and whether it is being seen.  And, of course, Google works for your blog in other ways with webmaster tools, a must-have tool suite for any blogger. 

But the focus of this little article:  the Google search engine itself can show you how your blog is seen by the search giant and how it is displayed to human searchers.

 Simply go to Google and type in “”

In my case, I type in

Up comes this message:

Google can show you the following information for this URL:

Google search on “info:yoursite” offers valuable information:

  • In “cache” you will see how long it has been since the Google search robots have crawled your site and how it appears (well, appeared then)
  • Similar web pages (in my case there aren’t any and I *hope* that isn’t a bad thing)
  • Sites linking back to yours (very important for ranking)
  • How individual pages in your blog come up in a search.  Holds up a mirror to show how humans see a search result.  Would you click on this?
You work hard to produce original content.  Google is working to deliver the cream of the web.  Use their free tools to stand out from the rest of the herd!

Credit for this tip goes to Traffic Generation Cafea fantastic site for understanding web traffic, and where I found How to Use Google Search Query Terms to Learn More About Any Site.  

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