Blog Grader for Free WordPress SEO Review

a) How Is my blog ranking?  b) Can I get an SEO review of my WordPress blog? c) Will a free plugin or tool grade my blog?

The answers are:

a)  If you don’t know probably not all that well

b) Yes!

c) Yes!

Experience shows that when you measure anything, you tend to improve that measure. 

It’s a cause and effect proposition:

“If you can measure it,

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 you can manage it.”

                — attributed to Peter Drucker, management consultant 

Soon after launching my WordPress blog, I became obsessed with measuring how my site was doing.  Could people even see it?  Was it slow?

WordPress offers so many plugins and widgets, it’s a do-it-yourselfer’s dream.  Or nightmare. A buddy let me know that some part of my “homemade” creation was slowing my load time to a crawl.  It was the photos.

I located multiple blog grader sites that rate speed, ranking, and readability and started a growing free Blog Grader list.  

More recently, I found another terrific free tool to check my blog and wrote up a sassy article on Alexa asking whether you could deal with how it ranked your blog.   

But Alexa also offers a free “extension” or “tool bar” for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer.

I have gained appreciation for the Alexa tool bar

Alexa shows a ranking for every page you visit and every link that comes up in a search result. 

As I roam around looking for sites on which to comment, I can’t help but glance over at the Alexa ranking.  High ranked sites send back stronger link juice. 

Ranking isn’t everything, but when I’m reading the opinion of a self-appointed SEO guru with an Alexa ranking above four million, I tend to take the advice with a grain of salt.  For example, this site!

But to appreciate the real value out of Alexa, I needed to read Alexa’s detailed reports.  Check this out and see how many measurements Alexa offers:

Alexa offers a review your SEO successes (and, by omission, your failures) using a list of popular search terms that readers have used to find your blog.  These search terms may surprise you.

Here’s the amazing part: when you get the free Alexa toolbar it opens the door to Alexa’s SEO-based suggestions for Search Engine Marketing:

Ahem.  If you notice, the title and topic of this post correspond to the Alexa tool bar guidance above.  Oh, that’s why it sounded a tad spammy!

So if you believe that measuring success precedes success, do your blog a favor and get the Alexa tool bar.  Did I mention it’s free?

Alexa is a blog grader, a free review of your SEO keywords, and an SEM opportunity detector.

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13 thoughts on “Blog Grader for Free WordPress SEO Review”

  1. Hi great blog… must say I have been working on my WordPress website SEO for a year now..but over the last 2 month have been spending more time on seo and have found…a heap of ways to improve my Page rank with Alexa and all free…you are right you don’t have to spend a heap of money on happy to share with any one my Alexa page rank went from 9+ million and 6 back links to 700.000 and 26 back links and all from relevant sites in just over 2 months and I can prove it and all for FREE. There is not fast track it just takes time.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks immensely for your tips.

    I’ve some issues with the relevance of some of the sites Google returns for searches:

    For my main keyword on my site, I noticed that the top two sites have considerably less relevance to the subject matter. I compared both with my site, and I discovered that neither optimised well for such things as keywords in the title and description. Other aspects of SEO such as H1 tags and bold titles which are supposedly important were non-existent in those sites. Both sites contain considerable number of images which I’m sure slows down load times.

    The only things I noticed that were significant in their favour were their ages (several years old) and the number of backlinks, of which they had many more than my site.

    I can only conclude that spending time to build quality backlinks is much more important than one might imagine. I believe Matt Cutts from Google emphasized the importance of quality backlinks in one of his talks.


    1. Pope, I think you are right and I have read that the first site to rank for a keyword tends to stay there, as long as they have a good overall rank. Google looks for age and “authority” or engagement with other reputable sites. It’s better to build backlinks from sites with higher rank, but little ones like mine don’t hurt, either. 🙂
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  3. Many rely on Alexa result as many of us know and believe on the site too. Yet, we can’t still say that the result is 100% reliable because there are factors that Alexa must consider in giving a result.

  4. Nice informational post. I already know many tools which are beneficial for regarding that how Alexa tool bar is one which i am using because its free and works wonder.

  5. I have noticed that even the Alexa ranking at time is not all that accurate or something that we cannot trust all the time. And it also varies a great deal as per the other measuring tools.
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  6. Harleena! Good to see you here. I’ve noticed Alexa goes up and down on a daily basis, I don’t profess to understand it or believe it is an absolute. And in the article above, I can’t imagine why Alexa says the average visitor spends 21 minutes on the site, unless it’s including my “visits.” Still, Alexa tends to roughly jibe with Google ranking, which has its own idiosyncrasies and quirks. Except when it doesn’t!
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  7. Informative post Astro!

    I love the way you have described how to go about things to know more about the ranking of your site. While I have tried one or two methods, and have installed the Alexa toolbar as well- I really wonder if it is really worth the effort to keep finding out about the way your site ranks. Of course trying it out once in two months or monthly may still be alright as you would know the direction your site is moving.

    I have noticed that even the Alexa ranking at time is not all that accurate or something that we cannot trust all the time. And it also varies a great deal as per the other measuring tools.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
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