How Do I Check My Google Page Rank?

Checking my page rank has become an obsession.

 It’s like getting a report card for my WordPress blog.  Are my SEO methods working?  Does Google “like” my blog? Good or bad, I want to know how my little blog did on the final!

Among other methods to check Google page rank, here is this neat Page Rank Checker tool.  

Works on the URLs of individual pages, too.  You paste the code in a widget.  It looks like this. 

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Page Rank Checker is free and and they give you the HTML code you can paste into a widget.  

Want to show off your Google page rank to visitors or potential advertisers?

Page Rank Checker offers three different-sized Page Rank buttons you can paste into WordPress widgets.

Here’s a screen shot of the PageRanker page:
Screen shot of PageRank Checker page

How do I check my Google page rank?  I go to Page Rank Checker to get the free tool and the buttons.

More blog grading tools are available at my popular Blog Grader article  

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  1. I know lots of site owners who are totally obsess with their page rank. I’ve actually read before from a blog post of the owner that he used to check his ranking almost every hour! LOL It’s pretty weird but its true. As for others, they don’t really mind page rank because this doesn’t really assure of lots of traffic into their sites. Anyway, at least it is possible now for us to use a site in order to check page rank. Actually before, I only know that I can only use browser’s plugin to make this possible.

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