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I recently submitted a review of to Alexa the Amazon website rating service.  Thought I would share it with readers here:

Dave Clements really knows his WordPress and knows how to communicate in clear English prose. He takes the time to share powerful strategies (including code) to make WordPress do what users want and need. His site has zero fluff and he goes where others fear to tread – the mark of true competency. He also is patient and friendly, and does his best to answer comments respectfully (when most of us would be tempted to conclude the questioner was beyond hope). If I had a criticism of Dave it would be that he urges us all to to become coders. If I had a compliment for Dave it would be that he encourages us all to become coders! Recommendation: Be prepared to put on your thinking cap. To find an individual so fluent in both code and English is remarkable, and it is with enthusiasm that I select five stars (fantastic) as the appropriate Alexa ranking for doitwithwp dot com. AstroGremlin

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  1. Michael, Dave is special. Even (or, I should say, especially) as a beginning blogger, I was able to appreciate his amazing level of WordPress design talent and well as his ability to explain clearly how to do it yourself. Dave also responds to questions and is a tremendous resource. I haven’t reviewed any other sites on Alexa (although I probably should). When I’m embroiled in figuring out a WordPress problem, I still think of Dave as I guy I may someday turn to for paid help. He has a Facebook page and I check back with him every time I see a new post. He mixes plugins (easy) with coding (scary, at least for me). He’s been running giveaway programs lately and even offered free advertising (not sure if he’s still doing this). It was with complete sincerity (and gratitude) that I reviewed him on Alexa. I haven’t done an Alexa review on anyone else (yet). A true WordPress mentor.
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  2. Hi,

    Just wanted to thank you for your kind words here and for posting them here on your own blog in addition to Alexa. I hope that I continue to help you (and offer up options that aren’t straight coding!). If there’s ever anything in particular that you want to know, let me know and I’ll write about it.


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