Satisfaction Guaranteed

The concept of the customer guarantee clearly works, and taps into a fundamental human need for security.   This Copyblogger  article by Brian Clark cleverly promises the reader that his or her investment (time) will pay off, as a preamble to explaining the value of confidently offering “satisfaction or your money back” in other contexts.

Good copy is a funny combination of promising an interesting read, and then promising customer satisfaction with the product or service under discussion.  Two guarantees, really.

Writing (in exchange for reading) is a contract with very tenuous terms for the writer.  “The Reader, at any time, for any reason, has the right to stop reading the Work of the Writer.”  Well, I admit that I didn’t read every word, but I stuck around long enough to see what the article was about.  And the initial guarantee, and its cleverness, played a role in making that happen.

We live in a world of itchy button fingers, with massive web and media content singing a Siren song “Click the next site, click the next item, click the next post.”  If a written guarantee can even delay that bounce for a few seconds, it’s golden!

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