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  1. Sandra

    There are contrast versions whether to follow or not to follow Alexa rankings….But seeing Alexa rankings I feel like it’s ok…I got something….If my rank goes down then I think…Alexa is waste
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  2. Administrator

    I knew the Amazon has tributaries but didn’t know Alexa was one of them. :) Alexa seems to go up with a steady flow of traffic and age. Think you are right – visitors with the Alexa toolbar count toward rank.
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  3. somyatrans

    Thanks for Useful information about Alexa.
    How can you enhance your Alexa rank? Alexa is a contributory of Amazon.com. It is a ranking method based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed.

  4. Sandy

    The Alexa tool bar lets me see the rank of every page. I think this is a good idea. It will help a lot for me. Thank you.

  5. Steve

    I discourage reading “too much” into Alexa. (and i actually have a halfway decent Alexa score)

    On one hand there is no better comparative way to see how website A and website B compare traffic-wise. So Alexa ranking certainly has value and everythignyou say is true.

    ON the other hand I wouldn’t live and die over gaining or dropping a few thousand, because Alexa ranking is a little riggable.

    Alexa ranks mainly by counting people with the toolbar as visits. I have the toolbar, so this counts as one Alexa visit. But if 999 other people visit, it still only shows 1 visit.
    Many website owners install it, so if your blog attracts other website owners…you will do better with alexa, and the numbers will be honest. However, the site is on underwater basket weaving, the validity of the numbers are always a little suspect.

    Much better to get a Real idea of your numbers from Google analytics. (but still get the Alexa toolbar because it is, after all, also social proof.)
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    • Administrator

      Did not know these details of how Alexa counts visits. Extremely interesting, Steve. So attracting Alexa users like you (and now me) can change a site’s rank, while attracting non-Alexa users, won’t change it. Hmmm. I’m thinking Alexa is a good indicator of this slippery concept of “web authority.”

  6. Raj

    there are few things which do influence Alexa ranking and having them inbox will definitely help u up in growing your Alexa rank,,,,

  7. Christine Senter

    I like the way you put this. No BS, no smoke and mirrors (well, maybe a mirror–but nothing that’s gonna blow sunshine up my skirt), no beating around the bush. Nice.
    I’ll be honest in that I’ve never checked any of my sites on Alexa because I know what I’m going to find and it won’t be pretty. However, I’ve never thought of the idea of finding out where my strong points lay when checking Alexa. I have checked Blog Grader once, but it’s been some time ago.
    Maybe it’s time I faced the music and found out just what the world thinks of me, but not sure I’m ready for that.

    • Administrator

      Christine, it only stings for a second and then it’s more of a dull throb. :) As I was tooling around I noticed that Alexa was like a judge at the Olympics – you an say “Well, that’s just an opinion” but it’s an opinion that makes gold, silver, bronze (and lead) medals. Blog Grader tells you stuff that helps, Alexa tells you if it’s been working! The Alexa tool bar lets me see the rank of every page I visit, and whether I’m commenting on a superstar blog or just a smart site that I like. Pretty wild how our grades are posted on a billboard! :)

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