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Translate Your Gift original artA gifted blogging friend of mine stopped by and left a comment.  He reminded me what blogging and the creative process in general, is about. 

I have written about his site in the past because Rob Cubbon is gifted.  

Do you know someone who has a gift?  Design, music, painting, sculpture, dance, acting, writing, mathematics, science, programming?

Do their gifts fill you with envy they way they do me?  

Do you wish you had a creative gift?

Because I come from space (see craft below *) and have strange powers, I am going to grant your wish. 

Here, take it:  

You are now gifted.  You have a gift.

But there’s a catch.  Your gift is written in obscure hieroglyphics.  It must be translated.

I see “gifted” people and notice a common theme.  

Gifted people work hard to discover, cultivate, and translate their “gifts” into creative expression

Take the Beatles, gifted song writers and musicians.  Have you heard the early recordings of the Beatles?  They sucked.

Before they became Beatles they wrote a song that included the lyric:

“I said move over once, move over twice.  Come on baby don’t be cold as ice.”

                                   – “The One After 909 by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

John was 17, Paul was 15.  They were copying blues “freight train” songs.  Even they didn’t think it was good enough to release after they recorded it six years later in 1963.

After seven more years, the Beatles made “One After 909” work as a live concert recording on the album Let It Be.

These “gifted” English musicians worked hard before they got good, playing at a dive clubs in Hamburg and Liverpool, writing songs and covering standards.  John would shred his vocal chords belting out “Twist and Shout.”  Their “gift” of musical ability demanded persistent effort over time.  Some gift.

Now to your gift.  

Oh, you have a gift.  I told you that you were gifted.  To translate your gift into a recognizable accomplishment you have to discover what it is.  You must experiment to discover whether you have an aptitude but much more important, whether you have the determination to translate your gift.  It may be a gift for finance, or organizing people.  You could be a manager!

You will need about 10,000 hours to get really good.  

Whether what you produce is good is not up to you.  It’s up to other people.  They will tell you if they think you are any good.  This takes the pressure off of you.  Whether or not what you produce is good is none of your business. 

Have you read your early writings?  They sucked.  So did mine.  All early writings suck.  All early painting, sculpture, ceramics suck, too.

The one known: you have a gift.  Find it, cultivate it, translate it into something of beauty and power.

  * The interior of my craft, shown for the first time.  Click on it to find your gift.

 Your gift arrived by spacecraft






Enjoy your gift.  Work on it.  You will get better.

Author: AstroGremlin

Came to Earth recently.

12 thoughts on “Translate Your Gift”

  1. Every person in the World is extremely gifted, some find out they are gifted and do something with the gift, some don’t discover and some discover and do nothing with it – that’s what it’s called “waste of talent”. “Son, the sadest thing in life is wasting talent” – A Bronx Tale (movie)
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    1. Amit,

      Just a minor correction to your quote which is a great one! I’ve seen the movie more than once. It should say: “Son, the sadest thing in life is wasted talent” – A Bronx Tale (movie) I think Robert DeNiro was driving the bus when he said that to his son. I am not sure. I remember that quote so vividly! Great movie by the way.

      But Amit, you are so right! It is also so very ironic that, Lillo Brancato” the actor who played Robert Deniro’s son in that movie ended up in prison for 10 years!!!! Talk about wasted talent!! Here’s a quote I got from Wikipedia: “Lillo Brancato was subsequently acquitted of murder, but he was convicted of first-degree attempted burglary and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.” Just look up Lillo Brancato in Wiki. So sad and such a waste. He was involved in a robbery with a friend of his. The neighbor, a police officer, came out to help and was shot and killed.
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  2. A portrait can be a picture of a person, a description. It can be a photograph, a sketch, a sculpture, but a portrait is so much more than that. A photographer will come to the moment when his own personal style, and how a portrait should look merge together. It actually photographers or painters view, idea or task from his/her minds. It is collaboration between the subject and in this case the photographer.

  3. I wish I would have learned about the 10,000 hour rule long ago. Though really, think of it in factors of 10. After doing anything 10 hours you are exponentially better then when you started, even more so after 100, you’re getting pretty good at 1,000 and you’re a flat out pro at 10,000.

  4. I once read somewhere that in order to be a good writer you should read, read, read and write, write, write. That pretty much sums it up for any endeavor you have in life. Say if you want to be a musician you have to work at getting better in your instrument and craft everyday. Although, some were born prodigies, most are not. Successful people got to where they are because they strove very hard to do what they set out to do. You have to want it and work to make it happen.

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