WordPress as Art

While cruising around Linked In I found an inspiring blog that incorporates amazing visual elements with a clean and completely functional WordPress design. The site is called Ron Cubbon.

WordPress as artWordPress blogging tends to focus on the technical

WordPress strategy includes so many widgets, doodads, gadgets, thingamabobs, SEO settings, plug-ins and doohickies, it’s easy to let them overwhelm your thinking, your writing and your design.  I search for answers to WordPress problems and often find the presentations aesthetically unimaginative.  A lot of the sites don’t have pictures, either!

While cruising around Linked In I found an inspiring blog that incorporates amazing visual elements with clear, succinct guidance on WordPress writing and design.  The site is called Rob Cubbon.  Here’s an example post with clear, simple directions on How to write and design a WordPress post or  page.  A fine article, but look around the site and see what Rob has done with embedded images.  Take a look at this uplifting image of a library!  If that’s not inspiring to readers and writers, I don’t know what is.  Or see a dramatic image of change and check out the little visual tidbits throughout the article, like the futuristic city.  Nice!

What’s most inspiring is that Rob Cubbon’s site doesn’t sacrifice clear technical guidance for pretty pictures.  In fact this site has some of the geekiest, technophile, practical how-to WordPress-oriented content of any on the web.  And it’s presented in an easy-to-read, personable style.  But it was the promise of more stunning eye candy around every corner that had me clicking around just to see more.

What is really inspiring is that the site is so darned “WordPress.”  We’ve all seen flashy web designs well beyond the capabilities of a plain Twenty Ten layout and the plugins we all use.  I did notice that Ron Cubbon uses a theme by Genesis (see the bottom of any page).  But his site has WordPress written all over it and he is up to his elbows in do-it-yourself design improvements using WordPress.  What’s more, he’s willing (and able!) to tell the beginner how to do it yourself.  And that’s pretty cool.


I know what you’re thinking.  I’m a lifelong friend of this guy.  Or I have some kind of business relationship.  Or I’m just hoping for a backlink.  Not so, although at this stage a pingback from pirates sounds tempting.  I merely ran into Rob’s site while cruising around.  His photo of birds caught my eye.  Imagine shuffling through a stack of how-to magazines only to find some original Leonardo da Vinci sketches on how to build a flying machine or draw the human body.

For a beginning blogger still finding out what WordPress can do, Rob Cubbon’s site is pure, clean, mind-blowingly beautiful inspiration.

I hope it inspires you, too, because I sure would like to see more WordPress sites like this visually compelling gem of a blog.

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    1. Just to let you know it’s the post How to See the Good in People. Your picture got me thinking what a nice person you must be and I remembered my experiment to try and see the good in everyone.

  1. Gosh I’m sorry Rob! I will fix that. I had your last name misspelled throughout the article and caught that! Well, if it got a comment out of you, I can claim it was a cagey strategy. 🙂 I plan to return to your site and my article gives me a way to do that.
    You aren’t going to believe this but my next article was inspired by your picture. I just finished writing it, and have to do SEO stuff.

  2. Thank you very much. You say a lot of nice things about my site and I’m really glad you like it and I hope you find stuff that’s useful to you. I really liked this article. However, if I had one criticism it would be that my name’s Rob not Ron 🙂

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