WordPress Tips #5 – 7

Continuing the blogsnewsreviews.com ridiculously simple WordPress advice

WordPress Tip #5

When you are writing Posts (or Pages) pay attention to the two tabs in the upper right corner of the workspace, namely, “Visual” and “HTML.”  What you can do to your text is quite different depending on which one is clicked.  Don’t be afraid to examine code.  It’s not rocket science, although it takes some getting used to.  For the Page version of this article, I started breaking up the Tips using a little piece of code: <!–nextpage–>  You just paste it in while the HTML tab is on, and it makes a new page.

WordPress Tip #6

As powerful as WordPress is, not all instructions and explanation are as clear as others.  Some “help” files seem to start out easy enough, and the tone is always friendly, but I get confused, especially by articles that embed references to very elementary articles while explaining something rather complicated.  An article I found quite helpful is Administration Panels. When you find instructions that are making sense, save them and re-read them. I got enough guidance from my web hosting company to get my WordPress site up and running.  BlueHost supports one-click installation of WordPress.  I have been so impressed with their kind and patient customer support (by people based in Utah) that I decided to become an affiliate. If you have gained some confidence that even an amateur can eventually figure out WordPress, I hope you will click through here if you decide to host a site.  It’s a pretty cheap hobby and some people say you can eventually make some money.

WordPress Tip #7 Find inspiration.

When I decided to start a blog, I found a couple of tremendously helpful sites, offering solid guidance on how to “monetize” you site.  One of these is Problogger, who offers solid information and does not blow sunshine up your skirt about getting rich quick on the Internet.

Shows, rather than tells, how quality content can make a difference.  Very inspirational.

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