WordPress Tips for the Bewildered

WordPress Tips for the Bewildered

I’m starting this page because I just started to use WordPress and once you learn something “obvious,” it becomes more difficult to explain. Most of my math teachers had this problem. “See? See?,” they asked, pointing at an equation. Well, no, I didn’t. That was why I was in a math class rather than joyfully outside, playing with a stick. And because what was complicated for me had become obvious to them, they could no longer see through my eyes.

So I am setting out to spell out my most simpleminded, most obvious, most idiotically simple discoveries in the use of WordPress. My purpose is not to impress you with my knowledge, but to take advantage of my ignorance.

Once you have installed WordPress from your WebHost (I use Blue Host (which supports WordPress with one click installation) and have been extremely happy with them — I’m not saying they like idiots, but their support staff have been very patient and always there for me, 24/7). For those of you following along, I am using the default WordPress Theme “Twenty Ten,” but it shouldn’t be too critical which Theme you pick.

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