Your Own Food Mill

Review of the Oxo Food Mill. Cook whole whole or quartered fruit — seeds, peels and all — a food mill creates applesauce, tomato sauce, baby food, ready for seasoning and eating.

Food Mill?  I’m just a person

No it’s not a factory. “Food mill” is the name given to an amazing kitchen tool that’s basically a twirling, fine grater.   In a food mill, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, or whatever, get turned into a smooth, fine-textured sauce.  A food mill is a grater, masher and  strainer all in one.  A food mill handles entire fruits and vegetable, removing seeds and peels in the process.

A food mill gives you the power to “mill” apples into applesauce and tomatoes into tomato sauce.

You can make homemade baby food.

Here’s the beauty part:  you can cook whole whole or quartered fruit — seeds, peels and all — prepare with a food mill and out comes a finished product, free of cores, seeds, and stems, ready for seasoning and eating.

I recommend the Oxo Good Grips Food Mill since I own one and it works like a charm.

Here’s a trick:

While using your Oxo Food Mill, every 10 or so forward turns, turn the crank backwards to clear the peels and seeds off the grater blade.  If you do this every now and then, you can run a couple of quarts through your Oxo before you need to dump the waste in your compost bin.

It’s hard to explain the joy of using a well engineered, well manufactured piece of machinery, but it happens with the Oxo.

Con: Storage. The Oxo comes with a set of blades, graters really, with varying coarseness. Do NOT throw away the box.  Everything fits compactly inside, and it keeps off the dust until the next time you want to turn your harvest (or a good buy) into a fine, smooth, wholesome and tasty sauce.

How to make applesauce:

Get some apples.  Quarter them and boil.  Run them through a food mill.  You have applesauce.  Season to taste. Can the applesauce, make it into apple butter, freeze it, or just eat it.

How to make tomato sauce:

Grow or acquire some tomatoes. Do not peel or seed tomatoes.  Boil them and run them through your food mill.  Season.  Can your sauce or eat fresh.  If you really get hooked, there are powered food mills, too.

I know what you are thinking: $50 is lot for a kitchen tool! After you use it a few times, ask yourself if you would sell it for $50. Nope, a food mill is like a mixer — you may not use it every day, but you know you will need it some day.  Remember to keep the box.

Here’s a link to check out the OXO Good Grips Food Mill

Whole foods, without preservatives and additives, are healthy, but they’re too big! Make them small enough to eat — for all ages — with a food mill.

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  1. Oh, I highly recommend the OXO good grips line (I feature many of their utensils in my recipe articles). For the quality, the price is excellent and (I feel) the ‘good grip’ design lessens the chance of injury (and is especially helpful for those with arthritis or other painful conditions).

    I must try your tomato sauce recipe, particularly the “grow or acquire some tomatoes” part. Whew – for a second I thought I might have to BUY some tomatoes.

    Seems that tomato throwing hasn’t gone out of style: Squidoo HQ posts about inbound links & filters (and more insane reactions)

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