7 More Strange Amazon Products with Funny Comments

photo of a ladybug for Amazon strange productsAmazon is like a store.  A store with jokesters and comedians roaming the aisles!

These Amazonian comedians make absurd, whacky, and sometimes very funny remarks about ridiculous products.  

The comments (and customer images) for these 5 strange Amazon items are especially creative.  Click the photos to read the funny remarks.  Then rate the funniest as “helpful.”  (wink, wink)

Read the top negative comment for this actual UFO detector.  Is it a concerned human or a tricky UFO jockey trying to fool us?  Funny stuff!

And here’s a bonus UFO-01 Detector which includes several complaints and an alien phishing scam.  Awesome!

Check out the funny customer images for this item.  Main image is a rabbit carcass (!) but other images are cute.  Comments are a howl.  Fresh Whole Rabbit

The customer comments for this product will have you writhing with laughter.  The image is a bit graphic so click with discretion and prepare for some grown-up sophomoric humor.  3B Scientific W43014 Testicle Self Exam Form


One reviewer had amazing results with tomatoes grown in Roswell UFO Crash Site Soil Sample.  Some question whether the soil is from a UFO crash site or Kentucky, like there’s a difference (wink, wink).


The comments on this item — 1,500 ladybugs — aren’t funny but they are charming.  Gardeners rejoice at the arrival of their beneficial insect buddies, hungry for aphids and other garden pests.  



Here we have the The Daddle, a saddle for Dad.  Reviews include a bizarre collection of customer experiences using the daddle on dads, husbands, wives and large dogs.  

We learn the Daddle is  Western style, making it unsuitable for traditional English father riding, which includes father jumping, father fox hunting, and father polo.  

Happy Father’s Day, dad, and giddyap!


Yodeling Pickle customers say it’s better than some pop stars, is cheaper than an iPod and the best electronic yodeling pickle money can buy.

So there you have it.  7 more strange Amazon products and funny reviews. Consider leaving a vote of “helpful” if you get a kick out of these nutty Amazonian comedians!

Bonus:  Just discovered.  Read the crazy reviews of 1,000 Round Wafers (1000 Pack)

Additional bonus items.  Read these comments and howl with confusion!

UPDATE FLASH!  You have GOT to read the funny comment, “The Greatest Toy In The World” for this product! 

Looking for some truly strange facts and odd realities?  Check out oddrandomthoughts.com!

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19 Responses to 7 More Strange Amazon Products with Funny Comments

  1. Austin says:

    I work on a site called http://blowmypaycheck.com/ we aggregate all sorts of products so i run into these amazon reviews all the time! I swear some items gain thousands in sales just from funny reviewers! These comedians really are doing a service IMO, the give a great laugh to costumers worldwide and provide vendors with new revenue from serious buyers! WIN-WIN
    Austin recently posted..To-Do TattooMy Profile

  2. Brian Duke says:

    Love it! Definitely including items on my website

  3. These are hilarious! You can’t blame these guys for trying. They do get an “A” for creativity!
    MyMoneyDesign recently posted..Protecting Yourself with Dividend StocksMy Profile

  4. Michael Belk says:

    Hey Astro, I like the Daddle, that is a good idea. Dads have been riding kids around for years, now somebody thought of a way for the kid to hang on. Brilliant
    Michael Belk recently posted..If companies keep trying to probe applicants, will social media become obsolete- Facebook’s response.My Profile

    • AstroGremlin says:

      Isn’t the Daddle a great product, Michael? Most dads try to buck the kid off for extra fun. Now the little bronc buster has a real chance of hanging on, beating the clock and winning the rodeo! Whether or not you have the Daddle, give your little kids a horsey ride while you have the chance. They grow up. 🙁

  5. Alison says:

    This is so funny 🙂 Thanks for making my day, Alison
    Alison recently posted..Car Seats For ToddlersMy Profile

  6. Debi says:

    OMG! People are certainly creative, some of the stuff there pushes the boundaries of imagination, really!

    • AstroGremlin says:

      I know, right, Debi! When I find a funny review I give it a helpful rating to help make the customer famous and let them know I appreciate their creativity. 🙂

  7. Dennis from Top Online Schools says:

    Hey Astro! That’s totally hilarious about Amazon’s reviews. UFO detector is something very interesting like all others I’m assuming the same as if this UFO detector exists for real.

  8. Micah says:

    You crack me up Astro!

    Ya know I’m actually glad you posted this because if there is one thing I don’t quite have enough of it’s yodeling pickles.

    If you’ve never had one I highly recommend it. Pairs wonderfully with the fresh whole rabbit in case you where wondering.
    Micah recently posted..How to Promote Your Blog: 10 Easy Ways That Work Like Hell (AKA get out of the shower)My Profile

  9. Christopher from This That and The MBA says:

    It really is amazing the stuff that people will buy. I am sure that there is sufficient enough demand for people to continue posting these and selling them. Interesting thing to do would be to reach out to the seller to see how many of these they actually sell.
    Christopher recently posted..Your grandfather used to do it why not you…My Profile

  10. Michael Belk says:

    These are definitely some strange products. I guess Amazon is similar to Ebay they have everything. They are strange looking.
    Michael Belk recently posted..Give us your password, If you want to be hired.My Profile

    • AstroGremlin says:

      Strange and funny are the products I like the most, Michael. With eBay you always wonder if it’s on the level. Amazon adds that extra, “wow, really?” factor. 🙂

  11. Jeremy says:

    All of these weird amazon finds are actually pretty inspiring. It shows that people are willing to buy almost anything. It’s just a matter of finding the right angle that lures people in. The stranger the item, the more people are willing to help you market it. Now if only I could think of something worthwhile to create.

    • AstroGremlin says:

      Jeremy, yes people really do buy these products! Two great customers here actually bought squirrel masks. Look for them next Halloween or at a bank robbery. 🙂 Crazy nuts.

  12. Astro Gremlin from find funny stuff in odd places says:

    George, of course UFOs actually exist. I fly one myself. 🙂 Do the detectors work? One reader commented that he failed to read the fine print: “Must be directly under saucer.”
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..7 Odd Amazon ProductsMy Profile

  13. George says:

    I like the UFO detector. I really wanna know if UFO actually exist. Or maybe if they already reached our very own planet to make a regular visit. But I wonder if this is detector is actually for real! LOL
    George recently posted..Choosing Your Perfect Wedding DressMy Profile

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