Alexa Review of Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation Cafe

picture of the Alexa logoToday I submitted an Alexa review of a terrific website for beginning, intermediate and advanced bloggers.  

Background:  Alexa is a web analytics and ranking service that offers a free toolbar and some amazing free guidance on high impact search terms for YOUR site.  Alexa also allows any user to review websites.  That’s what I did today.

Below is my Alexa review of Traffic Generation Cafe:

Ana is the Real Deal

A friend recommended an article on internal linking at Ana Hoffman’s site Traffic Generation Cafe. I learned not only that Ana is working at the cutting edge of search engine optimization and generating web traffic, she has the willingness, drive and writing talent to make those techniques available to her readers. She generates real value.

Ana is a pioneer at the technical frontier of blogging and website promotion, but she comes back to lead her followers. Using simple language and defining terms for the beginner, Ana takes the novice into the uncharted lands. She responds to comments and works incredibly hard to keep her readers informed.

Do NOT fail to subscribe to Ana’s newsletter and get (and memorize) her book on Search Engine Domination. Ana’s newsletter sends material of genuine value. She makes no secret of her desire to crack the code, unearth the secrets, understand the web, and make money. And she shares real secrets with her readers so they can make money with her.

So many phonies. Only one Ana.


I’m sincerely grateful to Ana for her expert guidance, writing talent, and  generous willingness to share her hard-won knowledge with fellow bloggers.  

I wasn’t kidding about her newsletter, which comes with a free e-book.  Get it!

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7 thoughts on “Alexa Review of Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation Cafe”

    1. You really are that great, Ana. I’ve done exactly two Alexa reviews, and about people who really give to the blogging community. When I come to your site I feel as though I’m entering a top secret SEO laboratory with a friendly scientist willing to share her latest discovery. Have no idea how much klout the Alexa reviews carry, but a lot of bloggers really should consider using the easy push button to leave a few nice (and accurate) words.
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..Alexa Review of Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation CafeMy Profile

  1. I’ve reading Traffic Generation Cafe for a while now and you’re perfectly right, Ana is on the wave , she’s one of the few that actually contribute with new things instead of just rewriting information found elsewhere. And she doesn’t hold back with the quality.

    1. Stan, you hit it right on the head — Ana doesn’t just recycle the accepted wisdom, she experiments and conducts research. I was moved to submit the review upon reading her e-book. It covers some material, e.g. RSS feeds, that I’ve seen nowhere else. I always hope that Ana runs out of blog ideas so she will let us in on her latest discovery. I noticed she had installed something called Visibli on her site. I emulated her without hesitation. I figure if I need to remove it, Ana will let me know. 🙂
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..Alexa Review of Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation CafeMy Profile

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