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Get a great deal on Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon is the same software that let’s you write without typingleave huge numbers of intelligent comments on blogs, and even cleverly use Dragon to transcribe interviews.

Yes, Dragon is the new way to write and it’s amazing how accurate voice recognition has become.  Why type when you can talk your documents into existence?

OK you get the idea.  But perhaps price has been holding you back.

I’m writing this post because Dragon just dropped drastically in price

I have no idea why the price has been lowered so much.

And I have no guarantee that this price will last.

You undoubtedly have seen the Dragon TV commercials with ordinary people constructing sentences using passive voice, and then correcting them using passive voice.

You are not restricted to passive voice when you use Dragon.  Please use active voice and give us all a break.

Perhaps you are a Mac user and would like a deal on Dragon?

Of perhaps you are into the Premium edition?

I have never seen prices this low for Dragon.  I suggest you make your move.  Grab this price today!

P.S. Dragon just debuted version 12, which may account for their willingness to offer a special on 11.

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6 thoughts on “Bargain Dragon”

  1. Dear Astro G,

    I love the idea of dictating – I used to dictate reports when I worked for a rehab company (and some poor dicta-typist had to type up what I said). There’s also a hidden benefit . . the humor which is added to your life when something you said gets misinterpreted.

    I’ll have to look into this software for sure.

    My latest: Celebrate National Panini Month at Home (BONUS: Beer Bread recipe)

    Oh and thank you so much for dropping by . .

    Stay well,

  2. First time I hear for this Dragon software. Anyways, I’m really interested in some demonstrations, searched on youtube but all I got was dragon stories and daenerys targaryen from Game of Thrones (so hot).

    Anyways, I don’t think typing will ever become absolute. I’m expressing myself way more better when I write rather then actually talk, but maybe I’m wrong …

    1. I learned over the years when buying computers, the latest comes at a premium. But the next to latest is a much better deal. If I didn’t have Dragon 10, I would go for 11. I might anyway for $23.
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    1. Michael, I’m convinced that more and more people are going to become accustomed to dictating into computers, what with Siri and the iPhone basically giving you two choices 1) type with your thumbs or 2) input commands about 10 times faster via voice! My main motivation was to show folks how cheap they can get Dragon 11 for during the Amazon sale. Some people will be buying version 12. Thanks as always for commenting!
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