3 Solar Camping Showers

Lost Your Writing MojoGetting clean in the wilderness has never been easier.

Once upon a time you had few choices when camping.  You could:

  • Go swimming in a lake
  • Take a washcloth bath
  • Stay dirty

But these days you can use a solar camping shower, a few gallons of water and a sunny day.

Here are three solar showers for camping and hiking.  Or bivouac (read the reviews, one Mom sent one to her son on duty in Afghanistan).

These are all variants on the same solar camping shower technology — put water in black plastic bag, leave it in the sun until it gets hot.

I like this one:

The Summer Shower 5

Product Features

  • Thick Reinforced front & back panels for added durability.
  • Wide handle grip for comfortable transport.
  • Extra big filling valve with convenient twist off cap.
  • Valiable flow on/off shower head saves water.
  • Reflective mirror on 3 gal and 5 gal
  • Pockets for soap and shampoo.

Here’s another one with excellent reviews:

The Stearns SunShower

Product Features

  • Reinforced pipe handle and microcell foam insulator
  • 1″ nylon webbing carry strap attached
  • Tie down grommets
  • Double welded seams for durability
  • Designed for short-term water storage and heating, built in thermometer
And here’s one that’s cheap and effective:

Coghlan’s Camp Shower

Product Features

  • Lightweight
  • stores enough water for 3-4 showers
  • Super inexpensive

The cons for all three models are that you need fresh water, at least cleaner than you are.  By about day three of camping that may not be too hard to find!

Take your pick and enjoy cleaner, better smelling camping!

Regarding camping shower enclosures:  I checked the reviews for camping shower privacy shelters.

None seemed adequate to the job.

Here’s why: A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds, so a five gallon solar shower exerts 40 pounds of stress on a structure — pretty demanding for any kind of tent.

Other than them not working, 3 more reasons I wouldn’t buy a special shower tent:

  • Expense
  • Something else to carry
  • A whole tent that used a few minutes a day

Alternative to a shower tent:  Lash a tripod with three poles and hang your solar shower from the center.  Or run a line between two trees and hang your shower in the middle.  You may want to learn some knots.

For privacy rig a tarp around your shower, camp farther out, get over being bashful . . .

or just shower in your bathing suit and change in your tent.  

Here is how it’s done:

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  1. I like these portable showers– will have to invest in one. I always hate having to trek all the way to the shower building lugging all my stuff with me when we go camping, so this would be an awesome addition to our camping gear.

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