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photo of Brian Belfit of Blog EngageToday received a communique from Brian Belfit at Blog Engage.  He’s offering a package deal for THIS MONTH ONLY that should tempt any blogger who’s been on the fence about BlogEngage.

Or perhaps you’ve never heard of Brian Belfit or Blog Engage?

What is Blog Engage?  

You know Facebook, right?  

On Blog Engage you pay a few bucks to become a member and start sharing your posts with top bloggers (and hungry wannabe top bloggers).  

You don’t have to generate new content.  You submit your posts, even old posts, and they get the eyeballs of other Blog Engagers.

Blog Engage members vote for your post just by clicking.  You only show a summary blurb, so they need to go to your site to see the full article.  If your post gets enough votes, it goes up to the published posts.  Until then it stays on Blog Engage gathering attention until it can “graduate.”

You can vote for other bloggers articles and hope they vote for yours (yes, “log rolling” is allowed).  

Or you can submit great material in the blogger’s equivalent of Scwab’s Drug Store and wait to “be discovered.”

You can comment on posts, leaving sassy remarks like I do, or expressing your heartfelt gratitude for bloggers who share their hard-won blogging knowledge (yes, knowledge is available).  

One of my primary uses of Blog Engage is to discover active blog sites where I can read interesting posts and leave comments, including CommentLuv comments, which act as dofollow backlinks.  

I could drop some famous blogger names I’ve seen on Blog Engage.  If you are an active blogger, these are people you would recognize immediately and there are a bunch of them!

But I’m not going to drop names.  

I’ll let you check out Blog Engage yourself.  Go ahead and leave a note on the Forum.  Click around.  You will see those famous bloggers I mentioned.


Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage 

Blog Engage is fun and the members are friendly and supportive.  But, like you, they are there for a serious purpose.  They want to increase traffic to their sites.

And if you’re like me, a newbie blogger just trying to crank out halfway decent original material, you are fed up with the cesspool of spammers, spinners, scammers, scalawags, bots and semi-literate knuckleheads who infest the Blogosphere ©.  

The small cover charge for Blog Engage acts as an effective filter.

What the point of all this posting and voting and “getting discovered” by active bloggers?  

I didn’t really get it until I became a member and started to see the multiple benefits.  

The point of this post is that you can get more for your Blog Engage dollar if you act now.

“OK, I still don’t really understand but I’m moderately intrigued,” your’re saying.  “What’s these DEAL you were talking about?”

I’ll let Brian explain in his own words:

“If you are considering our services this is the perfect time.  I’m making a Bonus offer for the rest of the entire month.

If you sign up to our $4.99 Gold or $9.99 Platinum membership I will offer the following deal to all new customers.

Bonus Syndication

We will include syndication to our entire portfolio, not only Blog Engage. This means we will build backlinks on 7 social media websites for you at a low cost of $4.99 and or $9.99 a month. If you have 1 blog subscribe to the Gold package, if you have three or fewer feeds subscribe to the Platinum membership.

If done before the end of month and we will syndicate your content into all our sites, normally a $19.99 USD value.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter

If you sign up to our $4.99 Gold or $9.99 Platinum membership we will share all your latest articles on both our @bbrian017 and @blogengageTwitter accounts with over 9000 followers daily. Trust me when I say this drives traffic I have a lot of real twitter followers that will love your blog content.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook

When you post a new article we will automatically share it with our Facebook fan page. We will link to your site helping spread the word you have new content. Our Facebook fan page has a lot of followers and is getting pretty active since I’ve started sharing all our customer rss articles. They are excited and want more blog articles to read.

This Month Only

The social Media Marketing and full 7 site portfolio deal is only for this month. When it’s done the deal is no longer so don’t miss out on maxing your Blog Engage investment.”

Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage

There you go.  Grab your Blog Engage deal before time runs out.

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14 thoughts on “Blog Engage Deal”

  1. Hi! After reading your article about BlogEngage, it made me so curious about the site. I will try to visit the site later. I’m still new in blogging and I quite stopped for a few months because of other commitments. But now, definitely I’m back into this enjoyable acitivity. Hope BlogEngage will help me in improving my sites and to make new friends.
    Anne Angala recently posted..Lifestyler TreadmillsMy Profile

  2. Gotta love Blog Engage,

    I’m still kind of new on there and still figuring things out myself, but there is a TON of potential in this community for any blogger.

    Ya know one of the things I like most about it? You can tell Brian actually cares. Seriously, he’s always on there, and he comments on like every blog that even mentions Blog Engage. My point is he makes himself accessible which puts a very friendly face on the business.

    The Blog Engage packages start out so affordable, there’s no reason for anyone NOT be a part of this community.

    Love your blog BTW 🙂
    Micah recently posted..How to Promote Your Blog: 10 Easy Ways That Work Like Hell (AKA get out of the shower)My Profile

    1. Micah, you hit it right on the head about Brian. He really does care and works just s hard or even harder than any Blog Engage member to promote their stuff. He engages directly on chat at BE and is building a community one member at a time. Blog Engage is what you make of it — so many top bloggers are there to view (and emulate). I was surprised at how many active bloggers I had “discovered” on my own were already Blog Engagers.
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..Get a Free Blog Engage MembershipMy Profile

  3. AstroGremlin, this is a great post. I know and use BlogEngage but you explained the benefits of doing so very eloquently and helped me to develop a better understanding of why I am using it too. That’s awesome. That is one of the reasons I like to read blogs and one of the fun parts about blogging!
    David recently posted..Become Debt Free NOW!My Profile

    1. David, thank you for the kind words. Using Blog Engage effectively is kind of like swimming — you just have to dive in and figure it out. I’m still not sure I’m making the most of it! The autopost feature is a little surprising. I edited an old post that was just a filler title for my navigation menu. Blog Engage ran it! Knowing that BE syndicates, there must be some readers out there who wonder if I’m some kind of a nut. Maybe they will drop by and see for themselves and see, yup, he’s a nut alright. 🙂
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..Amazon’s Kindle TrapMy Profile

    1. Hi Brian, this post doesn’t begin to capture what’s going on with Blog Engage and I hope bloggers will give it a try. Thanks for all your hard work promoting Blog Engage, building the community, and making it more attractive every day. Blog Engagers really are tops and I was so tempted to mention some of the many “name brand” bloggers who are members.
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..Why You Need an Expensive Swiss WatchMy Profile

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