Chinese Army Shovel

 If you are a fan of the Swiss Army knife, take a look at the many uses for the amazing Chinese military shovel.  

Also called a multifunctional or engineer’s shovel, this WJQ-308 shovel is the Swiss Army knife of folding entrenching tools.

From digging, to cutting wire to climbing walls, to preparing food, the uses for this remarkable tool will amaze.

Watch this video accompanied by the score from the Magnificent 7.  The Chinese army shovel may change your mind about the humble entrenching tool.

OK I’m suitably amazed.  Now where do I get a Chinese Military Shovel WJQ-308? 

Here’s a site that sells the Chinese Military Shovel WJQ-308 

The WJQ-308 is also sold on e-Bay by various sellers.

Strangely enough, the price is rather high for the real McCoy, about $120!


It’s not quite the same tool, but take a look at the features and reviews of the Gerber 30-000075 E-Tool Folding Spade with Serrated Blade.  

The Gerber uses a different mechanism, for example no wire cutter.  

Still the Gerber E-tool Folding Spade is beloved by users and a very competitive price!  

Ironically, you might be interested in a “cheap knockoff” of the amazing Chinese military shovel WJQ-308

This model is top rated and very popular.  Tough enough to cut down trees, light, and recommended by soldiers and Marines.gerber etool folding shovel

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  1. Wow! Nice shovel! I had no idea that China makes quality stuff :)) leaving all jokes aside, I would buy one of those, could be really handy sometimes, you may never know when you need one.

  2. Chinese Army Shovel is great tool for many Military works. Actually, the main aim of shovel is to work as excavate but this Chinese Army Shovel helps to climb on building, cut trees and many others types of works. Thanks a lot for sharing video and information about this shovel.

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