Disneyland Secrets Gold Mine

Disnyland trivia freak?  Me too!  I can’t get enough of the Magic Kingdom’s secrets and history.  

A gold mine of Disneyland’s yesterday awaits you.

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Do you remember the Disneyland of yesteryear?  What about the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry, now gone?  How about the House of Tomorrow?  Those memories have been saved for you.

Where is this treasure chest of Disneyland trivia?  How can I access it?

Well, just jumping to the link wouldn’t generate much of a post.

Here’s another teaser photo.

 Photo of Disneyland monorail passing over submarine





If you’ve ever been to the Magic Kingdom or one of its clones, you know that magic is real and our future is filled with wonders.

Trivia question:  When Disneyland first opened in 1955, what was the tallest structure?

At 76 feet tall, the TWA Moonliner, adjoining the Flight to the Moon attraction, was eight feet taller than Sleeping Beauty Castle.  The Matterhorn was not yet constructed. TWA’s Howard Hughes partnered with Walt Disney as the Moonliner’s sponsor.  Later Douglas Aircraft would sponsor the rocketship.

“Flight to the Moon” would later become “Mission To Mars” in 1975.  Today a smaller version of the Moonliner advertises the delicious beverage, Coca Cola.

 Photo of Disneyland's Moonliner rocket

Do you feel as though you have waited long enough to see the treasure chest of Disneyland history gold?  


The website is called Yesterland and there’s nothing quite like it.  Enjoy!



Bonus!  Planning a trip to Disneyland?  You are going to need some serious

Disneyland Vacation Tips!

Do you live in the Netherlands or plan to visit?  You might not even know about The Efteling or “the Dutch Disneyland.”

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  1. There’s another good trivia website called DisneylandVacationTips.com. It has interesting trivia about Disneyland history plus tips and trivia for visiting the park.

    Examples: Did you know only children under age 9 are allowed to wear costumes into Disneyland? Or that lines 13, 20, and 21 move fastest at the Disneyland entrance?

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