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What is Blog Engage?

Blog Engage Increases Your Visibility to Other Bloggers

Blog Enage is a paid service that lets you post your blogs to a group of serious bloggers.  

You have the opportunity to submit your posts and have them viewed and voted on by other bloggers.  

The Blog Engage site has an Alexa score of 8,248 and a PR of 4.  Anchor texts embedded in your posts with your inner pages as link will help you rank for those keywords.

After using my Blog Engage membership, I noticed that several of my articles received votes from other Blog Engage members, and some subscribed to my new posts.  

I also noticed that my site began getting hits from search engines other than Google.  Bing and Yahoo incoming searches increased.  Not in huge numbers, but every bit of traffic helps.  I started getting hits from other search engines.

You don’t need a membership to check out Blog Engage.  And you can partiipate in the Forum for free.  Head over and see what Blog Engage is up to.  

You may be surprised at the top bloggers you will find there.

Blog Engage has been running contests that offer free memberships.  

In fact, I won an EXTRA Blog Engage membership.

I am offering my loyal subscribers an opportunity to recieve this membership.

I’m running a the easiest contest you can imagine.

What You Need to Do To Enter to Win a Free Blog Engage membership.

Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here. 

That’s it.  After April 15th, the winner will be selected at random.  If you have already subscribed, you are entered automatically.

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  1. Hi, Astro Gremlin (:D)!

    Do you think it’s worth paying for blogengage nowadays? How good are/were your results with it?

    There are dozens of similar services, so I’m curious how is this one better than others.

    Yeah, I love the heart – sign up form!

    Best wishes,

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