Get Mom a Fossil for Mother’s Day

Dinosaur toothSweets to the sweet, and a fossil to the person who gave birth to you so long ago.

Sure, everyone’s Mom collects fossils (and I’m not just talking about Dad!).  But Mom can always use more.  Take a look at these beauties.





 Yes, it’s a replica of a giant trilobite, shown here about to consume a can of Coke along with a tape measure to remind us how big a can of Coke is.  


What the heck is this?  It’s a Genuine Fossil Coprolite – Real Dinosaur Poop! Fun holiday gift!  Your mom undoubtedly has many dinosaur coprolites, BUT NOT IN THIS EXACT SHAPE.  

Wind speed, slope, diet, height of dinosaur, attitude — these factors millions of years ago shaped each chunk of fossilized dinosaur crap into a unique gift.  These magic events have been given the impressive name “coprolites” by actual scientists.  Comes with an identification card.  Hey, even you didn’t have one of those on that magic day long ago when you came out!  Okay, at least think about it. Great gift idea.  No two alike.


Can you imagine the look on Mom’s face when you present her with this actual replica of a Tyrannosaurus tooth?   I would bet you anything that her first words will be “What the . . . ”  And while you explain, she may say “I don’t deserve this.”   Expect a few tears.

  • Replica cast from original fossil from Hell Creek, Montana
  • Measures 8 x 4 x 2.5 inches.

How can a replica of TWO Tyrannosaurus teeth go for a price of one?  Mom may be scratching her head, too, and asking, “Where can I put this?”!

This damn thing was cast from an actual dinosaur fossil. The ad copy says it all. “Now you can own two T-REX Dinosaur Teeth cast from an original fossil in sturdy hydrostone.”  What is hydrostone?  No idea, but it must be pretty good with a name like that.

Okay, enough with the replicas.  Score this actual fossil tooth for Mom at a price so low you have to click on the photo to believe it.  It’s from a Spinosaurus!  What is a Spinosaurus?  No idea, I missed a lot of Flintstones episodes because I had school.  

Oh, here it is from the ad copy.  “They are from the Cretaceous period (65-136 million years ago).” “Called “spiny lizard” because it had a series of spines up to 6 feet long coming out of its back vertebrae.”  Makes sense when you think about it.

And dig this,”Its arms were smaller than its legs so it mostly walked on two legs.”  Can you imagine mostly walking on two legs because your arms were pretty small?  

Freaky deaky doo!

And Mom will not know what hit her when she gets this actual fossil Spinosaurus tooth.

Here’s a photo of a SpinosaurusPhoto of spinosaurus dinosaur






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  1. Wow, Astro G . . finding that Tyrannosaurus tooth would make any tooth fairy broke. I’ve seen similar things near pillows, admittedly (never knew what they were until now). I have much simpler tastes. All I want for Mother’s Day is shown in my article: Sousababy’s OTT Mother’s Day Gift

  2. Gosh darn you, Astro, I just received a chuck of petrified dinosaur crap for Mother’s Day. I wanted a double T. Rex tooth to add to my collection, but nooooo you had to feature the coprolite unique properties. Wind speed? Attitude? The dinosaurs attitude? It doesn’t exactly show up in the final “product” sitting here on my kitchen counter.
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