How to Make Money Blogging

Tips to make your blog visible and make some money

Gold and silver coinsHow much money can you make when you begin blogging?  Well, I run an AdSense ad on every page.  If I get 100 views, I make a penny.

Now if someone takes an interest in an ad, that can increase the revenue.  (I have to choose my words carefully so as not to violate the terms of my agreement with Google AdSense.)

A penny a day is a treasure beyond my wildest dreams.

Does that sound insane?

Well, it is actual money and it keeps rolling in.

When you begin blogging you have to cross a wide, dry desert of neglect. People and search engines don’t find you.  Without taking some action you could stay in the desert of obscurity.

What I did to start making money blogging:

1.) I wrote articles intended to be useful, interesting, or funny.  This began my trek across the desert.  A tortoise whizzed by me.

2) I installed plugins designed to increase SEO.  These helped link my articles internally.  HeadSpace 2, the plugin, offered me ways to lengthen titles and add relevant text to lure search engines.  The tortoise disappeared over the horizon.

3) I learned about SEO.  It’s not that hard.  You put words that searchers seek in your title, your first line, headlines that use the H2 and H3 headings, bold.  What words do people want?  Get a Google AdSense account and go to Keyword Tool.  Put in a word.  If people aren’t searching for it, find another.  I began getting some views.

4) Comment on other sites.  Say something moderately intelligent.  These comments will link back to you site.  I got lucky and commented on some high ranking sites.  This made a huge difference.

5) Get on Facebook and Twitter.  This helped me a little.  It showed me the faces of potentially eager readers.  Be Careful Who You Friend because you may become distracted from your mission.  You may also make some good friends.  The desert is a lonely place.  Friends will buoy your spirit.  Some will come to your blog.  Some friends are extremely special.

6) I started a campaign of commenting.  There are two reasons.  People will see you and search engines will see backlinks.  I took this very seriously and it made a big difference.  I passed a tortoise one day.  I was still not making a penny a day.

7) Keep interacting with people.  Set up an RSS feed.  Put share buttons on your articles.  I use Sexy Bookmarks, a free plugin.

8) Let your site get older.  Search engines like older sites.

9) Keep writing articles, then go around and promote them on other sites.

10) I got Premium CommentLuv.  This attracted a lot of commenters.  People comment because you commented on their blogs, and also to create a backlink to their site (or specific article.  I use CommentLuv on other people’s sites.  This is a fun way to make links.

11) Get other types of ads and affiliate accounts, such as Amazon.  For me, these have done better than Adsense.

After a year of blogging, I have begun to cross the desert and am making a little money.

I had advice from the smartest man on the Internet, Rob Cubbon. Read his books.

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13 thoughts on “How to Make Money Blogging”

  1. A very good article indeed. I think it’s important to point out how long it takes to establish a blog and develop traffic that has the potential to provide a full-time income. I think many people go into it expecting immediate results and are deeply disappointed when things don’t go their way.

    Like you point out, it’s important to have fun and be passionate about what you’re doing. If you like to write about your topic, it will show.

  2. At fisrt I would like to say thank you for sharing your experience. It was always interesting to me how to make money blogging, I would like to write articles but still tryin to find myself and to realize what I would like to write about.But the idea of blogging is great, some bloggers who write an interesting content and have lots of fans make money,professionals pay attention to their opinion, for example,in fashion industry bloggers getting more and more influential.Blogging is free, let you express yourself and to see if you really got talent for something.
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  3. There are too many online scams are out there in the Internet. who steal both money and time of the people. This makes people to think that, online money making is a mere fake and it’s are only for persons who are scamming the web.

  4. Money making from blogs, well I am not yet there but definitely trying and working sincerely to make this happen. Getting older in the virtual world is like the best thing to have happened for the blog site owner. And in order to receive feed-backs from the readers and other prominent bloggers over the internet, reading others blogs and leaving a comment brings you the charm of online reputation and trust.

    1. Lakshmi, you got that right. The virtual world is one place that rewards old age. Although, Google is crazy about FRESH content. My older articles are terrific, in all humility, but the fresh ones get more hits. Weird. I think Google is a slave driver! Slack off on blogging and your search traffic drops off.
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    1. Hey Rebecca, it works but it takes a fair amount of traffic to get “conversions.” See my comment to Matt in this string for some SEO tips to increase traffic. With long-tail titles, you can get search traffic. My conversion rate is lousy, less than 4%. Of course, I fool around with Amazon-based humor and people click on the funny pictures. Amazon is my best monetization mechanism and I believe they are a terrific company. When you review products use lots of related vocabulary and really believe in what you are pitching. Write about 400 words. I think readers can feel it when you sincerely believe in a product. One day, you will make a penny or two! It’s a trip.
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    1. Thanks for the comment, Matt. Work on your titles — use the “permalink” edit function at the very top in the WordPress editor to add a reeeeeelly long title (it won’t show up to humans). Put in lots of relevant terms, and phrases a person might use searching for your article. Also, link words in your articles to your other articles that are relevant. Leave comments on other sites. These things worked for me. Who knows if they work after Penguin!
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