It’s OK. You’re Great!

photo of a critical personHave you been criticized recently?  Did someone find fault with your behavior?

Ignore it!

It’s OK!  You’re great!

Other people are jealous.  

This is just a fact of life.  When you are successful, people will try to take away your success or criticize how you got where you are.

When you “break” in line, people waiting behind you may object.

This is the time for you to display your cleverness.  

Give a REASON why you need to get in front of them.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is.  Try several if you need to.  

The bottom line:  You are more important than other people.  They will never understand or accept this.  It’s OK.  You’re great!

You are passionate about life.  You have a plan for yourself.  You DESERVE.

Other people think only of themselves and THEIR families.  It is your responsibility to distract them, offer them a good reason, or simply push forward, take what you want, and challenge them to find a way to stop you!

I’m sure you have felt this since you were a child.  You are special.  It’s true.

Your feelings of a special place in the Universe are completely justified.  Don’t doubt yourself.  You are ENTITLED. Don’t ever feel guilty for taking what’s yours because it doesn’t happen to have your name on it. It’s OK.  You’re great!

The problem:  Others will argue with you, tell you that they are just as special, and try and withhold from you from the just rewards for being special.

Don’t try to reason with these people.  They are emotional and irrational.  You can’t win an argument with an irrational person.  

Accept the idea that people hate you for who you are.  They are therefore beneath you.  They do not deserve a reasonable explanation.  They are not special.  

Do what you need to do.  It’s OK.  You’re great!

How do great people get what they want?  Look at Napoleon.  Napoleon was smart and ambitious.  He took a “leadership role” and took what he wanted.

You need to be like Napoleon.  People in Napoleon’s time resented his success, too.  

Don’t be afraid to start a fight.  Life is one big fight.  Accept this.  Ordinary people who are not special are going object to your nasty attitude.  You need to fight them.  It’s OK.  You’re great!

You might as well begin your defense with a good offense.  Criticize others whenever possible.  Test them to see if they challenge your leadership, your special role, your right to success.  

The sooner you can get them to attack you, the sooner you can begin to take what you want and make them show their true colors, that they are against you.  You can now accuse them of “bullying.”

In the end, you will win and they will lose.  

Your victory will expose that resentment and jealousy are their reason for hating you.  

You win, they lose.  It’s not your job to make others happy.

When you take what you want, you are living out your destiny.  Don’t feel sorry for them.  It’s OK.  You’re great!

You are special.  When people criticize you, it’s because they don’t accept this fact.  

Don’t bother to explain or apologize.  It’s OK.  You’re great.

If you are ever tempted to doubt yourself, or think other people are as important and deserving as you, just remember that they lack the courage and determination to take what they want.  

These losers wait in line, follow the rules, take only rewards they earned, pay their taxes, tell the truth.  You don’t!  It’s OK.  You’re great.

Occasionally law enforcement will get involved.  In these times, you need a good lawyer.  Set aside a certain amount of your wealth to pay these vital protectors of your special position and privilege.  

You may have to give back some of what you’ve taken.  It’s OK.  You’re great.  You will take more in the future and get away with it.  Don’t give up.

Expect criticism.  People are jealous.  People hate you because you are successful.  Don’t let this distract you.  

Jealous people will say you are self-centered, selfish, narcissistic, unethical, sociopathic, criminal.  

This may hurt your feelings.  For awhile.  But you will get over it.

It’s OK. You’re great!

Author: AstroGremlin

Came to Earth recently.

5 thoughts on “It’s OK. You’re Great!”

  1. Oh sooo timely for me today, Astro G. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief about HOW privileged people really think they are – the world always OWES them. And they certainly like to make a “pretend” consensus up with their yes-men and yes-women followers.

    My shortest (and latest): What many of us are thinking

    Hope your week is fabulous,
    Rose (aka sousababy)

  2. Interesting post. I can’t say I particularly agree with this approach. I’d rather not be brash and have people resent me. I like the concept of karma. If you’re going to be a jerk and walk all over people, there’s a good chance that kind of behavior will come back to you. There’s a lot more to life than just your own personal success.

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