Kitchen Tip How To Separate Yolk from White

Separate egg yolk from whiteHow to separate yolk from white?  

Most of us know the juggling from shell to shell trick.  This one uses the modern technology of a plastic water bottle.

Ignore the lingo and watch the video.

How to Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds

How to peel a banana the way a monkey does. You will never peel a banana the same way again.

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8 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip How To Separate Yolk from White”

  1. Oh, I LOVE these tips, Astro G!

    I rather enjoyed seeing the egg yolk being sucked up and gently plopped between the two plates. The shirt fold technique was a bit too fast for me to grasp (but I have a good system for folding). And yeah, not surprised at all that a primate would figure out the best method for peeling a banana. Must share and post this – will try to again on Pinterest too.

    My latest (for your expert opinion): Art or Junk?

    Stay green,
    Rose (aka sousababy)

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