Opinel Versus Laguiole Corkscrew Knives

Opinel French corkscrew knife with oak handle


Opinel versus Languiole, which is the best corkscrew knife?

The Swiss may prepare for every eventuality. 

Just look at the Swiss Army knife.

But the French prepare (in style) for the essentials.  Food and wine!  

For the perfect “pique-nique,” all you need “a loaf of bread and jug of wine and thou.”  

Just don’t forget your Opinel (or Laguiole) corkscrew.

Which is the best corkscrew knife?

This Opinel corkscrew knife offers economy, simple operation, elegant design, and a nice cardboard gift box.

If you know Opinel knives, you know about the clever locking ring that locks the blade open and closed with just a twist.

You may know the classic Opinel folding knife design has been celebrated and ensconced in museums.

But you may not know about the Opinel Corkscrew Knife.

I just bought one of these Opinel corkscrew knives and gave it a try.  It’s a beautiful tool.  

Opinel is known for its carbon steel knives, which rust.  The Corkscrew Knife is stainless. 

Amazon says the handle is beechwood, but the #10 Corkscrew Knife has an oak handle.


  • Oak handle
  • Stainless steel
  • Large #10 Opinel knife (9 15/16 inches open; 3 15/16″ (10 cm) blade)
  • Made in France 
Lacks a lever.  Like a regular corkscrew, no muss or fuss, but takes more strength.

Two features surpised me: 

Surprise #1:  The corkscrew snaps into the open position with a satisfying click.  The mechanism is strong.

Surprise #2:  The display carton  makes a nice gift presentation.  Has labeling  in French and instructions in 5 other languages.

I don’t usually even notice cardboard boxes.  Maybe this is just me, but when an item is made in France, it’s cool when the package shows it. 

I love the beautiful French language.  The box says this, “Exigez l’indispensable couteau fermant Opinel muni de son veritable tire-bouchon ideal pour pique-nique bivouac, plein air.”  The French word for corkscrew is “tire-bouchon.”

My impressions:

The Opinel Corkscrew knife design is aesthetically pleasing and functional.  The corkscrew in the handle does not interfere with handling.  The size, feel, and appearance reflect thoughtful design and careful craftsmanship.  

For the campsite kitchen, picnics, and wine drinking outdoors (en plein air), this is a great knife that just happens to open wine.

The biggest surprise?

The corkscrew mechanism used on this Opinel model is the same model / part number found on the world renowned Chateau Laguiole corkscrews.  (see below).

The Opinel Corkscrew knife offers value. Click below to check the deep discount offered here for a limited time.

My opinion:  Highly recommended.

Are you English?  Want to make sure you get a look, too.

 If you are a professional waiter or sommelier, or just want more leverage, you may want to consider a corkscrew that offers less knife and more cork screw (with a lever).

The Laguiole corkscrews are a well known French brand.  Top-end models in rare materials are quite expensive

BE CAREFUL IF YOU WANT A FRENCH-MADE LAGUIOLE  Laguiole licences its brand to manufacturers in China.  You can get some nice Chinese variants, just make sure you are getting what you want.

Here are some nice French-made Laguioles you may want to consider.  I haven’t tried them but they are beautiful, luxurious, and premium priced.

The Opinel corkscrew knife or the dedicated Laguiole corkscrew, which is the best?

Whichever corkscrew you pick, you can count on these classic French designs to serve for many years.  Act now to get that sweet Opinel price!

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10 thoughts on “Opinel Versus Laguiole Corkscrew Knives”

  1. Oh, when I was a server (in downtown Toronto, Canada) the best servers were given a Chateau Laguiole waiter’s corkscrew for their stellar service by the owners of one establishment.

    The little leather case that you slip on your belt comes in a variety of colors too. (Even though I am a female superhero and could probably handle the Opinel Corkscrew knife, I’d opt for the Chateau Laguiole waiter’s corkscrew).

    Who knows – if I had one with a knife attached to it what I might do (in order to fight the forces of evil, you know).

    My latest: Adult Bullies Recruit: Signs & Symptoms (includes checklists & screenshot proof)

    BTW, Astro G, why can’t I “pin” your stuff? Also, is there a way to find out your “latest” work? (Sorry, I’m new ’round here).

    Rose (aka sousababy)

  2. I’ve always heard about Swiss knives but this Opinel corkscrew is a great French counterpart 🙂 And you are right, it has less knives unlike the Swiss knife and more screw, which is useful for eating and drinking. I love Swiss knives because they can be used anywhere in most situations but I’m not so keen to bringing them. I’d rather have this French corkscrew with me.
    Shelon recently posted..5 Foods that Prevent Heart DiseaseMy Profile

    1. Shelon, I’ve used the Opinel corkscrew and it’s just as good as the Swiss Army knife and a tad better due to the large handle. I have to tell you, though, the Opinel is a work of art. I’m not pitching it here, because selling on Amazon is an SEO numbers game — people search, people find, people buy a certain %age of the time. So as a person, I’m telling you this corkscrew knife is a work of art, looks good and feels good in your hand. Like all the Opinels it comes from the factory sharp as a razor. Chef Jacques Pepin will tell you a sharp knife is better for cuts because it heals better and faster. Yeah, true enough, but a razor sharp knife deserves respect. I didn’t even know about Opinels until a customer bought one. There is a reason they have been in business for so long.

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