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  1. Rose Webster

    This pen reminds me of a type I used in high school – it had small refillable tubes of ink that you loaded into it. It had a fountain pen point. Our teachers hated them because if a page were to get wet, the ink would run. (Not a bad way to hide shoddy math calculations, though, better than ‘my dog ate my homework.’)

    Only you Astro G could keep me awake until 2:20 am . .

    Gonna ZZzzzz (will start you on the experiment lens tomorrow).
    Rose (aka sousababy)

    • AstroGremlin

      Hey, just noticed this comment, Rose. I remember those “cartridge” pens, a requirement oddly enough, even though you’re absolutely write about the ink. Rapidograph ink is waterproof and writes on mylar, a commonly used surface for the mapmaker who introduced me to these pens.
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      • Rose Webster

        Hmmm, waterproof is good – just hope the pen doesn’t explode or leak. Hey, but it’s a great way to revive the retro geek (or geekette) look using a pen protector. Perhaps you should add that product to this page, Astro G . .

        Stay Green,
        Rose (aka sousababy)

        More shameless self-promotion: http://www.squidoo.com/top-10-things

  2. Matt Harvath

    That is a cool pen. Too bad it couldn’t help me draw better. I am the worst artist in the world!
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    • AstroGremlin

      The Rapidograph will showcase talent and alas, I know from experience, expose the lack thereof. Still, when you have a cool pen, it’s inspiring.
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    • Sue Neal

      I can relate to that comment, Matt – as I was looking at this post I was just thinking, “boy, I’d love one of these – if only I could draw!”

      Sue Neal recently posted..Why Blog Commenting Almost Drove Me Round the Bend (and how you can help…)My Profile

      • AstroGremlin

        The Rapidograph is itself an inspiration to draw. Kind of like having a chainsaw and a block of ice — it may not be great but you will give ice carving a try!
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  3. Reena Gupta

    Dependability and high performance make Rapidograph technical pens the first choice among artists, designers, drafters, architects, and hobbyists. Rapidograph pens provide uninterrupted, productive drawing time.

  4. Aaran

    Here we have a saying … “The tools make the worksman” ! Must be a great writing accessory! Thank you
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  5. Kundan Bhardwaj

    The sketch in the picture is that hand drawn. It seems like a computer made as it is perfect. Great !
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  6. Emma Simpson

    These pens look great and you’ve really got me wanting one now after what I’ve read above. They look pretty cool in the pictures you’ve posted too, far more interesting than some of the regular pens I use.

  7. Christian

    I’m using one all the time in my line of work (Maritime Navigation)
    Its accurate and with the waterproof ink its just perfect in every condition and allows me to do hard, detailed navigation map work.
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  8. Leo

    It’s interesting that despite the proliferation of drawing programs, many artists still prefer doing things the old-fashioned way — such as with this Rapidograph pen. I’m not an artist but can appreciate how the small nib can allow for intricate details.
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    • AstroGremlin

      The interface of hand held stylus starts in kindergarten, perhaps will always feel more natural. With high quality scanners, drawings don’t have to be generated on a computer to become digital.
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  9. AstroGremlin

    Hey Christian, thanks for the comment. I was surprised how inexpensive they are these days. My first Rapidograph had the bulbous barrel and came from a map making office.
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