Space Painting

Check out these space painting artists’ wild creative processes.  

Space Painting uses some interesting techniques.

Spacepainter uses spray paint, pot lids and magazine pages to make amazing space art.  He seems to have arrived at a real technique for creating various space effects, including planets, mountains, and even waterfalls.

Look easy?  Try it!  I can’t figure out exactly how he does it.

Now watch the one-minute version.

Ah, this one reveals Spacepainter’s space painting secret! He wears a respirator.

This space scene painter Matt Sorensen uses a lot of FLAMES!

Even MORE flames with Matt Sorensen! Not sure what the first scenes have to do with painting but a real “warm up” if you know what I mean.

What do you think of this kind of Space Art?  Do these space painters make it look too easy?  Would you be more impressed with the results if they hid their creative secrets and pretended that it took days of hard work?

However they do it, I stand in awe of space artists who bring the uncanny and strange to life.

As Earth’s astronomers discover hundreds of alien worlds we need space painting to transform the raw telescopic data about far away planets into real vistas of the bizarre Universe that surrounds us.

Have you ever considered learning how to paint fantastic lands, celestial objects, or science fiction scenes?  

Games, films, magazines and books need talented artists to bring supernatural visions to life.  

I LOVE this kind of art and have always envied artists with the talent to transform a blank canvas into a mind-bending fantasy, science fiction or space painting.  

Here are some cool books on drawing fantastic architecture, space painting of real planets, and how to create science fiction art.

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7 Responses to Space Painting

  1. Rose (aka sousababy) says:

    Some people are truly gifted – I’m always fascinated by people who do this type of artwork and all those fancy “special effects” for movies.

  2. Peter Charles says:

    I used to do this in high school art class. My pics never came out that good.
    Peter Charles recently posted..Toronto Police Facing Serious Sexual Harassment AllegationsMy Profile

  3. I love science fiction and space painting is just amazing. Seeing artists bring to life somewhere else in space and their own talents is a big thrill for me. Thanks for getting them all together for me to enjoy.
    Tania Shipman recently posted..How to use your own email address using GmailMy Profile

  4. Leo from Accounting Wages says:

    His painting are beautiful but that one-minute painting video was incredible. I tried doing a space painting once — not only did it take forever, but it didn’t look particularly artistic or attractive. I like his method of using templates to speed up the process.
    Leo recently posted..Additional Accountant JobsMy Profile

  5. Michael Belk says:

    man, that dude is good, I would pay money for that. He should have an art gallery.
    Michael Belk recently posted..Tele-health: Ethical issues in the workplace.My Profile

  6. Alex from Dinti albi says:

    Hello there AstroGremlin! Very nice article! When I first started watching these videos I was wondering what is this guy doing there, but when I saw the “end product” I was extremely amazed. He is very talented.

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