Traffic to your blog and web pages is within your control

How did I increase traffic to my blog?  

By commenting.

Commenting on other sites attracts traffic in several very different ways  

The most obvious effect of leaving a comment is that it is seen by other readers.  

If your comment includes a link back to your site, it’s possible that another reader will click on it and visit you.  That equals traffic.

Of course, before you can leave a link back to your site, the site owner must provide you with:

a way to leave your home web address,

or links to inner pages,

and labels for those links.  

As I will reveal, how the site owner provides you with options will control your commenting behavior.

And whether it’s especially attractive to leave a comment.

Pedestrian Traffic

This is the old-fashioned way to “get discovered.”  Thoughtful, well-written or even dissenting comments may lead readers to come to your site to answer the question, “Who the heck is this fascinating/disgustingly argumentative person?”  

Sometimes they become friends who check back.  More traffic.

Leaving a comment with a link back to your site affects not only humans, but also the robots that crawl your site and report back to their search engine masters.  

Leaving comments increases traffic based on the machinations of the mysterious Google “algorithm.”  

The almighty Google algorithm decides which sites appear at the top of the list when anyone searches for a word or a string of words.  If you displease Big G, don’t count on getting much search traffic.

diagram of website links and website authority or link juice


The Google algorithm keeps changing in a kind of “arms race” with websites that intentionally, and sometimes artificially, make themselves more attractive to Google using Search Engine Optimization or SEO.


One factor the Google algorithm has classically favored is the “authority” of websites.

Web “authority” is basically a popularity contest.  

In keeping with the old phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” the Google search engine “likes” your site more when it has links from other sites.  The more popular a site is, the more “authority” or reflected popularity a link there sends back to you.  

Yes, it’s very much like a high school popularity contest.

Let’s say I know the head of the cheerleading squad.  Not in a biblical way, but well enough that this popular individual mentions my name in conversation.  

My popularity goes up!

Instead of knowing one popular person, I can get to know a hundred nerds.  

Less popular, “low authority” sites like yours and mine, are nerds.  

But if I know enough nerds like me, I can still become popular!  

In fact, if Google sees you only trying to get over with the cheerleaders and the class president, it may perceive your popularity as artifice.  You are not being “organic.”

Short version:  Become friends with some nerds.  

Leave some comments on less popular sites.  It takes more comments, but it shows you’re not being phony.

Do Follow versus No Follow

Not all sites offer you the opportunity to leave a link to your site. And among those, not all are set to “Do Follow.” The DoFollow setting is an instruction to the web crawler robots to follow the link to your site. Even from sites set on No Follow, a link back to your site has some value.  

Don’t worry about this too much.

The Google algorithm, in its majestic mystery, also likes to see when a popular web site mentions you in a context that is relevant to a searcher.

Back to our high school example.  

Let’s say that my popular friend, the head of the cheerleaders, not only mentions my name, but adds, “and he’s good at writing term papers.”  Oh, be still my heart!

My popularity goes up AND now it’s associated with my skill at writing term papers.

The Google algorithm seeks out this kind of specialized popularity by looking for descriptive words (or strings of words) called “anchor texts.”  

A stupid name in my opinion, an “anchor text” is really a “recommendation text.”  Google sees that a link to your site is labeled with a word or words that may be relevant to a searcher.

You can even write these “recommendations” as links in your own articles, such as my brilliant explanation of traffic generation using comment anchor texts.

Isn’t this patting yourself on the back? Well, yes.  

And Google may not continue believing you.  Who knows?  If you became popular by writing a term paper, Google may stop believing the head cheerleader, too.  No one knows.  Try to be organic.  Content is king.  Watch your loading speed.  

In other words, control those factors you can control.

OK let’s review.  

Commenting increases traffic with humans.  

Commenting also increases your popularity with search engines when you leave a link back to your site

You can “sculpt” the link when it is labeled with a (stupidly named) “anchor text.”

Do Follow links are better than No Follow links.

But Does It Work?

Generating backlinks through comments takes some effort but it works.  

I know commenting works to increase traffic because I’ve done it.  

Look at my search engine traffic, graphed by month.

 Graph of traffic from SEM Rush

Graph courtesy of SemRush




It takes effort and time.  But commenting builds backlinks and increases search engine traffic.

Hopefully I’ve  convinced you to start commenting to generate traffic to your site.

Good luck, enjoy commenting and getting more traffic!

But before you go . . .

What if I told you that there is a plugin that makes the most of your commenting effort by letting you control backlinks and how they are labeled?

Would you be interested?

There is a plugin called CommentLuv that let’s you control the “anchor texts” and the links that you leave on other sites.  But CommentLuv is not just for you, it’s for your readers.  

CommentLuv Premium installed on your site rewards commenters and other CommentLuv bloggers with the same “backlink sculpting” power you get.

Have you ever paid money for a plugin?  I hadn’t

I have to tell you that paying for blogging tools or themes or guru books is typically not “my thing.” 

I like to find free tools, plugins, themes, and advice.  For me, the challenge and reward of blogging is DIM, “do it myself.”

But I made an exception in the case of CommentLuv Premium.

I would be happy to tell you why.  CommentLuv Premium offers

  • One time payment with no recurring costs
  • High quality programming and support
  • Unlimited multi-site installation on my own sites (costs more for web developer license)
  • Control, control, control
By control, I mean that you don’t HAVE to give your commenters DoFollow link juice.  
Or a choice of their posts or pages.
Or the ability to create multiple keyword “anchor texts.”  
That gives you options for asking your commenters to partners in your goals.
Trade the rewards of “comment sculpting” in exchange for your commenters performing certain favors (and I’m not talking about writing term papers).  
When your commenter shares on Facebook or Twitter or G+, or leaves a certain number of comments, or registers to your site, you can give them the power to “sculpt” their backlinks.  
 — Is social media your top priority?
Reward that.
— Do you want more human traffic and engagement?
Make leaving a larger number of comments a “prerequisite” to getting full privileges.

— Trying to build up registration to your site?  

Partner with your registered site “members” by offering  full privileges to control their backlinks.

What’s the bottom line?  

If you are convinced that commenting is a sound, proven method to building traffic, then you will also want to maximize the effects of your comment campaign.

It comes down to a simple question.  What is your time worth?

I can tell you this.  Undertaking a commenting campaign armed with CommentLuv made all the difference for me.  

CommentLuv turns leaving a comment into an interesting set of decisions.  In partnership with other webmasters, you get choices.  Choices among your articles, your links, and your recommendation texts, I mean, anchor texts.

Hope you’ll give it a try.  Click below to see the amazing features of CommentLuv Premium.

The CommentLuv Plugin

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  1. thank you for sharing this post with us, it is very useful and full of great information to use, i will be sure to try it out as soon as possible.

  2. “Traffic to your blog and web pages is within your control.” I love this. I think you can control traffic in terms of what you have to offer. You control the content, the lay out, the freebies, all the things that attract traffic.

  3. I guess what is important of making friends with other people is that you must not be too choosy. Remember that every person can play an important part into your life so be nice to everybody as much as you could. Make friends with them because who knows, you might need them in the long run. So it is still a right move to make friends with nerds.
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  5. i can really attest to the comments bring heaps more comments, although i’m embarrassed to realise it’s taken me this long to get here. google loves everybody 🙂 but yes, it likes those that are active and are an authority. i’m an authority on nonsense – i hope google likes me, as i’m sure it likes you .. cheers astro 🙂
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  6. Bloggers are already aware that traffic can be a big help in order to increase google ranking and bring the site into success..Anyway, you have shared a lot of information here for us…Thanks!
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  7. Hello Friend,

    Great Post Buddy… Speaking of commenting, YOU are listed in our commentluv “top commenters” section, and I personally have not seen you on the SEO Blog lately, how have you been?

    Would love to see you visiting more often. WE LOVE TO NETWORK…

  8. One has to look at blog commenting like writing a really short article. You have to bring something new to the discussion table and provide insightful insight. And like a good article it helps establish or undermine your reputation so you have to make sure that every sentence, word, thought counts.
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    1. Jasmine, you hit the nail on the head. Search engine traffic is looking for what we are offering and has the greatest likelihood of behaving like a “consumer” and converting clicks into sales Page rank is critical for getting the search engines to notice us and backlinks help do that. Of course content is the ultimate attractant. Neither shoppers or search engines have any use for spammy, duplicate, or poorly written content. These three activities I call the blogging triad: Content, community and conversion.
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  10. Hey Astro,

    Great article. These are some very good insights, and explained quite well, I really like the examples you’ve used to make it us so simple to understand. I completely agree, getting backlinks is very significant to rise in the eyes of the Big G (as you would call it, ha..ha..), and there by driving good SERP. Thanks for the great share.
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  11. You need to get as many backlinks pointing to your website or blog post to rank high on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. You can best get those backlinks by linking to such sites as StumbleUpon, Digg, Squidstop, Reddit, Google Buzz, Xomba, and Triond among others. Finally, have patience and persevere. Those who do not give up will succeed. Good luck.
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  12. Well a lot of bloggers are really using commentluv or even livefyre to increase traffic to their sites and some of them made a success because of it…

  13. Hey Astro,
    I am here to second your thoughts and convince anyone who hasn’t gotten the CLuve PR. It will be the best investment of your life 9at least one of the bets as far as your online business is concerned).
    What I like about blog commenting beside the traffic and link building is the fact that you get to knwo other bloggers who you comment on their blogs and you get to build relationship that will benefit both side. That to me is priceless.
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    1. Satrap, considering your site’s comprehensive advice for web monetization, that is indeed a compelling recommendation. CommentLuv, along with its social relationship-building power, is a long-term investment in building page rank, building traffic, and building profits. I say “long-term” investment because it is a one-time cost and the license lets you install CommentLuv on every site you control. Anyone who plans to blog for awhile will recognize that the “monthly cost” actually goes down — after a year we are talking a few bucks a month. Spread over several sites, over time the cost can quickly go below a dollar a site. The license is paid up-front so the longer (and more) you build blogs, the better the deal.
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  14. Good article and I agree commenting is very important at increasing your ratings.

    I like the analogy of comparing the highschool cheerleader – got a good chuckle out of that one. 🙂

    I don’t see how the premium version of CL is any different from the one I have now, because I can choose if I want dofollow links or not.

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    1. Hey, thanks Linda and glad you enjoyed the high school analogy. You’re right that the free version offers many of the benefits. That’s how I started, too. The premium benefits go beyond setting No Follow/Do Follow (which can be set en masse with other free plugins). Rather than one big carrot, the user is offered multiple little carrots that shape behavior with rewards. Some sites focus solely on getting in people’s G+ circles, for example. I’m at the stage where I’m just looking to build a commenting readership. Thanks for being part of it!
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  15. I should look into the paid version of CommentLuv. It does look like it improves the benefits of blog comments a lot. I definitely want to reward regular commenters and attract even more comments. I know I make a point of giving higher priority to blogs who reward comments with plugins like CommentLuv.

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