Transit of Venus Video from NASA and Wikipedia

Photo of Transit of Venus






See that black dot in the photo above.  That’s the planet Venus passing between Earth and the Sun.

Click here or the photo above to see amazing video of astronomy history →  Transit of Venus June 5, 2012 from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Wikipedia.

To see a gallery of amazing still photos of the Transit of Venus

Transits of Venus come in pairs.  The transit of Venus in 2004

The last transit of Venus transit occurred on December 6, 1882.  

The next pair of transits of Venus will occur on December 10-11, 2117, and in December 2125.

Be prepared.  Get a telescope.

While you wait for the next time Venus passes between Earth and the Sun the Universe beckons.  

Amateur astronomers discover new comets, take sky photos with unique perspectives, and contribute to science and art.  

What does it take to become an amateur astronomer?  A telescope.

Review the amazing and affordable telescope technology now available to the amateur.

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    1. Michael, I can tell you that the first time you see Saturn, even through the cheapest telescope, it’s better than any photo. Don’t know why — after all you can only use one eye — but seeing Saturn, live and in color, is a major trip. I don’t promote products that aren’t cool. Telescopes are very cool.

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