What Happened to My Traffic? CommentLuv Enabled Rocket Motor

Graph of blog traffic on SEMRushAbout September something started happening to my web traffic.

On September 30, 2011 I purchased a license to grow my traffic.

After four months of roller coastering along in the weeds, my blog took off like a bottle rocket.

Three things happened in September.  Steve Scott told me to start commenting.  On Sept. 28, Ana Hoffman sent out a tape recording of famous bloggers talking about the three-part blogging foundation that I call the Blogging Triad.  A main leg of the triad: link building with comments.

And on Sept. 30 I purchased a license for Premium CommentLuv.  

And then I started commenting all the time.  

CommentLuv Premium became my hammer, and every blog on the Internet was a nail.

I used Ana’s CommentLuv Enabled Gold Mine to find some high ranking sites with DoFollow CommentLuv settings.  

I read about how to find .edu and gov. sites that would accept comments.  

I wrote a long, heady comment on the changes in journalism at Harvard.  

I found a government forum to comment about nuclear energy.

If a site had words on it and a place to comment, I commented.  

I started promoting my posts with CommentLuv, using the premium settings to target deep links on my inner pages.

I later learned to use different web URLs for my “home” web address.  This works even on non-CommentLuv sites.  It’s tricky and sometimes doesn’t work.  But when I can, I leave a link to a page and then use a mix of synonymous the anchor text keywords using the @ next to my name.  Confused?

Here’s a timeless SEO how-to text on how to turbocharge your comment anchor text with CommentLuv

My Blog Started Getting More Traffic!

Now I’m terrified that it will start to level off.  I’m a commenting junkie.  I have dreams of a monkey covered with little ComLuv hearts hanging onto my back while I bang away at a flaming keyboard.

Sure I fooled around with Twitter and Facebook and got some hits.  But the “organic” search engine traffic was the main area of growth.  Well, that and blog writers where I had commented checking out my links to see if I was legit.  

I also got readers coming to get the sweet traffic nectar oozing out of my CommentLuv link juice dispenser.  It helped my bounce rate (you have to click to leave a comment).

Bottom line:  Commenting is the main technique that launched my blog into the dizzying heights of about 100 hits a day.  

Click the graphic above to find SEORush and check your traffic trajectory.

Then buy CommentLuv Premium and start using it.  You only have to buy it once and it only stings for a second.  If your time is worth something, a paid plugin like CommentLuv is like trading in your hammer for a power nailer.

ComLuv transforms the commenting experience into a traffic launchpad.  Turn your blog into Cape Canaveral.

Author: AstroGremlin

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40 thoughts on “What Happened to My Traffic? CommentLuv Enabled Rocket Motor”

  1. I had purchased CL sometime ago but never really implemented into my blogs until now. I as well have noticed a surge in traffic albeit not to the extent that you have…but there is still time. Definitely getting more traction in the way of comments!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Brad. There’s a real crowd out there, mostly bloggers, interested in commenting. Check out Ana Hoffman’s site for example. CL blocks robospam but you still get human CL searchers who can’t comment but try anyway. But, hey, you just sift through them. I’ve gotten into some real friendships thanks to commenting.
      AstroGremlin recently posted..Find Top Amazon ProductsMy Profile

  2. I’m expecting to see your numbers go down hard because of this. Good luck anyway, it was nice while it lasted! Do you have any kind of question so please visit our web site…..

  3. I’m actually using Disqus at the moment. My blog is about 4 months old.

    A lot of the traffic I’m getting can be attributed to CommentLuv comments that I leave on blogs I follow. At the moment though, I’m kinda thinking whether I should switch to CommentLuv instead since I don’t quite like the ‘free version’ and it costs quite a bit to get the paid one.
    Dylan Calista recently posted..Bullied Grandma Rejects Apology From Teen BulliesMy Profile

  4. after switching from default commenting of wordpress to premium comment luv i am noticing huge traffic on my blog…thanks for the nice explanation 🙂

    Read more: Commentluv Premium – A Bloggers ToolBox You Won’t Want To Miss!
    via Just-Ask-Kim.com

  5. Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand. I tell you, I usually get irked when folks discuss issues that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail right on the head and explained out everything without complication. Maybe, people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more.

  6. purchase of traffic and use software use in search engine optimization is not allowed and it will consider in black-hit work when you do this in start you get good result then suddenly your going down and down

  7. I think social media is more important for your good ranking in search engine and maximum 30% traffic come from social media platform.commentluv is vital for getting back link and increasing traffic on your site.

  8. Would it be possible to fit a rocket motor to my car like the one on the Batmobile but perhaps not so big. I want to play a prank on my driver (Michelle, she is 28) so that when I ask her to fetch the car from my garage the rocket will engage and zoom her forward into the cow dung field a terrific speed.

  9. I also have been using commentluv blogs and hope that I will get the same effect as u did. Actually I have already started getting a little traffic but I’d like it to be more. And it’s really worth of the investment.

  10. Wow, thats some tremendous increase in traffic! You worked for it, and it seems i payed off, i seriously need to interact more and comment on great writing but its so easy to just read something and not leave some words of gratitude.

    I think what you have done really is what makes the blog community blossom, im making it my late 2012 newyear resolution to comment more!
    Carl recently posted..Bästa guldprisetMy Profile

    1. Hey Milla, it’s funny, just about the time I got used to seeing my Alexa ranking improve every day, it started getting (a little) worse! It’s back on track, but I’m convinced that I have to keep posting and commenting just to make incremental improvements. It was inevitable, of course.
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  11. CommentLuv has had a huge effect on our site from a traffic and SEO perspective. I think it’s a great way to allow people to contribute to your blog in a legit way and be rewarded for it with SEO value and traffic. Win/Win!

  12. I bought CommentLuv Premium about few weeks ago and set up anything in my blogs, KL, DF and also Twitterlink.

    I’ve got 9 blogs, and working with all of them, daily is very difficult, but it’s what I love to do, and… yes, in my spare time, since my main job is music composition and production 🙂

    and, yes, I love CommentLuv!
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  13. AstroGremlin: check the last post link, it uses a frame like here, this is not a dofollow link as far as I can see, maybe you installed a new plugin lately:

  14. Spoken too soon, and i believe we both made this mistake.
    Your mistake was for getting that iframe in that keyword link, my mistake is for congratulating you too soon. That’s a good number for a couple months of CommentLuv, but it’s nowhere as good as it could have been if you continued with the dofollow link keyword policy.

    I’m expecting to see your numbers go down hard because of this. Good luck anyway, it was nice while it lasted!

  15. I just purchased commentluv premium yesterday and am looking forward to becoming the commenting monster you became as well! It seems like a great way to find like minded people in the blogging world and build community. Thanks for the resources you posted, I’ll take a closer look at them myself as well. If you ever have questions about the speaking industry don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks! Saul

  16. Yup, CommentLuv can do this to a blog. And from my knowledge the traffic will just get higher and higher as long as you do your part of the job.
    It was worth the investment, right?

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