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  1. Mike

    Yep, this is so true, I’ve been whittling for 35+ years – sometimes a light pull taking a couple of hours sometimes a miniature nude taking 200 hours, it doesn’t matter.
    One thing always remains constant regardless is the meditative mindset – that’s why I do it, to reconnect with that primeval quiet inner place which is so very elusive in modern day life

  2. Rose (aka sousababy)

    Yes, I’ve whittled and ended up with one of the worst cuts in my life – but that was okay. Whittling is the cool-man’s knitting. Creating something with our hands helps to expand our thoughts and deepen our thought processes, imo. I’ve felt a sense of closure when I whittled something (except for that cut which required 5 stitches on my left thumb).

    My latest for your insightful and humorous commentary: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Craves Power (at all costs)

  3. Marcus Wilson

    That sounds great! I can’t wait to try whittling out, it seems like a fun way to just drift away from everyday’s problems. And then I get to keep the end result on my desk and remind of the great experience.

  4. Cley

    Whittling is like a sculpture.. Great job! Thanks for sharing.. Keep up the good work! :)
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  5. Michael Belk

    Hey Astro I got relaxed reading this article, it sure sounds relaxing. I thought we were too busy today for us to whittle.
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  6. Mirana

    I want to try this whittling.. I that an art of just plain thinking and whittling?
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  7. Lyka Ricks

    This is a Great Diversion and it’s interesting. Your artistic skills will be honed and the finish product is your masterpiece.

  8. Sheila

    Using this kind of tools is a great experience..I want to buy to experience this kind of whittling..
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  9. Chezzianne

    I want to try whittling and I think it is really exciting…I have never tried it before so for sure, it will be very interesting…Thanks for the idea!
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    • Astro Gremlin

      Chezzianne, appreciate your comment. Whittling can result in useful camp tools, such as wooden spoons, forks and cooking sticks.
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  10. Jennifer

    I have never tried whittling. I have seen the results, and it’s simply amazing. It’s almost like a form of meditation, with the end result being a piece of art.
    Jennifer recently posted..We’re Relocating!My Profile

    • Astro Gremlin

      Thanks for commenting, Jennifer. Some whittlers challenge themselves with seemingly impossible projects. The classic is the ball in a cage at the end of a chain, with moving parts carved all in wood.
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