Kitchen Gadgets as Art neat kitchen gadgets that happen to be beautiful sculptures

kitchen tool sculptures

Neat kitchen gadgets spend most of their time in a drawer.  Here is a collection of high-end cooking gadgets beautiful enough for an art museum.

This kitchen gadget, the Alessi apostrophe  avoids citrus catastrophe. Clawing your way into oranges is so last century. If you enjoy peeling oranges and getting all the citrusy goodness up under your thumbnail, this beautiful gadget may not be your thing.

Alessi Apostrophe Orange Peeler

Sculpture orange peeler Only 2.2 inches tall, one inch wide, and 10 ounces of matte finish stainless steel.             Honey, this is for you. Simple and timeless, this Alessi honey jar and serving wand please the eye the way honey pleases the palatte. Simply pass the wand over biscuits, fruit or tea to taste the magic. photo of Alessi juicer

A truly space age kitchen gadget, the Alessi citrus juicer comes in two sizes, and comes with a citrus bonus (hint: it’s a punctuation mark).  

Alessi my squeeze citrus juicer Main Squeeze? When it comes to citrus juicing, the Alessi My Squeeze is beautiful enough to be your new main squeeze.  Five inches by two and a quarter inches and made of sculpted stainless steel, the My Squeeze should last for centuries under ordinary conditions.

  • Dimensions: 5″L x 2.25″W
  • Mirro polich stainless steel
  • For all citrus fruits

Let’s recap these gorgeous kitchen gadgets, experience a little sticker shock, keeping in mind that Italian works of art aren’t cheap.

Alessi Apostrophe Orange Peeler
List Price: $30.00
Price: $27.00
You Save: $3.00
Alessi Honey Pot Honey Jar
List Price: $135.00
Price: N/A
You Save: N/A
Alessi My Squeeze Citrus Juicer
List Price: $75.00
Price: $61.60
You Save: $13.40

Bonus Kitchen Gadget: Microwave Egg Cooker

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler
List Price: $16.00
Price: $12.23
You Save: $3.77

Soft, medium or, if you like your eggs like your detective novels, hardboiled. This device cooks them fast and rarely blows up. Nordic Ware also makes a microwave popcorn popper that uses no oil and regular popping corn. Plus it’s not very expensive.

Looking for a low-end, thrifty, non-artsy version of the Alessi Apostrophe kitchen gadget? (So cheap it’s probably not gift appropriate)  Fox Run Orange Peeler, Set Of 2

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16 Responses to Kitchen Gadgets as Art neat kitchen gadgets that happen to be beautiful sculptures

  1. David King says:

    This things can make your life simpler in the kitchen! Stocking up kitchen with the best kitchen gadgets can help us to prepare foods faster and cook delicious meals instantly.
    David King recently posted..Property Sales – IntroMy Profile

  2. Mark says:

    Wow… these are some very unique cooking gadgets. As much I enjoy cooking and using a variety of cooking gadgets to get top results – I’m a little intimidated by some of the items you’re highlighting, only because they look like a piece of art. lol
    Mark recently posted..Best Electronic Gadgets For EntertainmentMy Profile

  3. I love cooking. And the time of cooking I think about short cuts for all recipe. Your all gadgets are awesome and helpful. It will be helpful for work shortly Thanks for sharing..
    Huntington Beach Chiropractor recently posted..Herniated Disc PainMy Profile

  4. Gwenn Panny says:

    Calling dibs on the Alessi citrus juicer. It looks awesome.
    Gwenn Panny recently posted..Click This SiteMy Profile

  5. David Ryan says:

    Amazing. Gotta love the innovation of technology through the years.
    David Ryan recently posted..New web-siteMy Profile

  6. Hi Astro,

    Technology has certainly come a long way, isn’t it? These are so well made and very fine too. I think they would enhance the kitchen if placed there – wonderful indeed.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..SYPS: Are You Facing These Family Problems in Your LifeMy Profile

  7. James Frost says:

    The kitchen gadgets look absolutely awesome.The design looks elegant and I think it will make our work easy .Thanks for the kits.
    James Frost recently posted..Apply For Officer In First Security Islami Bank LimitedMy Profile

  8. really great post i really like it thanks for sharing
    Big Cartel Themes recently posted..Which Big Cartel Themes Work Best For Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  9. Jeane Wehby says:


    I have never heard these gadgets, good to know these kind of gadgets exists. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Christopher James says:

    Wow. Creative kitchen gadgets. Gimme!

  11. Debra Powell says:

    Neat!! I never thought kitchen gadgets could look like works of art. I wouldn’t even want to use these gadgets lest I damage them. They look like something out of a 60s sci-fi movie.

  12. Karen Woodham says:

    Who says kitchen utensils have to be boring! Although I do have to say that the Alessi PSJS Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer does remind me so much of the ship that Serleena arrives to Earth in Men In Black 2, or is that just me lol

  13. Vance Craig says:

    These sculptural cast-concrete planters caught our eye as being perfect when presented in a massive row poolside at a Zaha Hadid-designed beach house. The tallest version of these is 45 inches (about 110 centimeters) high, an impressive presence even without plants. We’d imagine these will look spectacular used to display a bunch of tall dry grasses or branches, outdoors or in. The planters, made by Phoenix, Arizona-based Kornegay Designs , are called the Quartz Series.
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  14. Alessi My Squeeze Citrus Juicer is indeed beautiful. You can display it on your living room and it would fit perfectly. It doesnt look like a juicer at all. More like a sculptor.
    Michael Magic recently posted..Effective Options for Couch CleaningMy Profile

  15. Micah says:

    Really digging that first one. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I think a few more pieces of artwork would certainly freshen things up a bit.
    Micah recently posted..7 Weird Ways To Do Less Work and Get More DoneMy Profile

  16. Rose Webster says:

    Alessi definitely makes aesthetically pleasing products that feel good in the hand (they are weighted just right). What impresses me is their use of 18/10 steel. Wonderful selection Astro G – I must look into buying that Apostrophe Orange Peeler.

    My latest: Interconnectedness in Society

    Stay green,
    Rose (aka sousababy)

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