8 Books to Master Money

You have two choices: Master money or allow money to be your master  

Money means different things to different people:  security, dependency, control, freedom, pleasure, self-worth.

To me, money has always equaled freedom.  Freedom from worry. Freedom from credit card debt.  Freedom of choice. Freedom of self determination.  If I forget to pack something for a trip, but have money, I’m good.

When you master money — earning, budgeting, saving, investing –you take a hand in your destiny.  

When you don’t, you hand over control to debt, worry, desperation, unhappiness.  Ben Franklin, who had a lot to say about industry and thrift, said it best, “If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher’s stone.”

Whether you buy them, borrow them, or piece them together from the Amazon “Look Inside” samples (Ben would be proud), I personally guarantee that reading these eight books will give you a complete mastery of money and investing.* 

* How you do in the market is your own lookout!

 A remarkable book on ordinary millionaires and how they got that way.  I’ll give away the ending: thrift, saving and investing.  Terrific read with surveys and stories of real millionaires.  Hey, if you plan to be a millionaire, you should know how to respond to a survey!


 I could tell you the secret of this book, but you wouldn’t listen.   But I can tell you this, millions have benefited from this classic text. The act of reading this book creates an indelible impression.


A simple fable clarifies how money works.  A financial planner lent me this book and it may be the simplest and most enjoyable read on investment that you will find.


People really like this book so I have included it.  The dialog is a bit stilted; the advice is rock solid.  If you know little about finances and especially if you like the Detroit Tigers, this book apparently can change your life.


This ancient book begins with an autobiographical story of a kid selling newspapers in a restaurant and being thrown out.  As is the case with Think and Grow Rich, the message is remarkably simple; the lesson indelible.


None of these books or their lessons well have much positive effect if you don’t have your head screwed on straight.  By that I mean understanding how your mind works.  Consider it an owner’s manual for the human brain. 


If you buy individual stocks or invest in mutual funds, this classic will give you the steely determination you need to profit from the insane gyrations of the stock market.  Warren Buffett calls it “By far the best book on investing ever written.”  If you don’t know who Warren Buffett is, read the preface.  He wrote it.


Investing is serious business.  Andrew Tobias makes it hilarious.  Is this book the only investment guide you’ll ever need?  You can join in the heated debate or recognize that some authors of excellent books on investment have a sense of humor.

Did I miss your favorite book on money and investment?  Leave a comment.  And be safe out there.

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  1. Nice post Money means different things to different people: security, dependency, control, freedom, pleasure, self-worth. To me, money has always equaled freedom. Thanks a lot for posting this article.

  2. Many books on financial planning focus on “how to do it.” But for most people, those “how to” stuff remain as dreams that are not implemented. In these books the inner problem why we get stuck in financial hole is explained, dealing with the roots of financial problems that are true to human beings. Then authors lead their readers to a series of life-transforming actions that are applicable immediately. These heart-and-mind actions will translate into powerful, inner motivations that will energize you to apply the practical, well-researched, up-to-date, realistic “how tos” they provide in these book.

  3. These are some goods books that you have mentioned. I have read ‘think and grow rich’ and ‘richest man in Babylon’. Think and grow rich changed my life and I have learned a lot from that book. I will check out the other books that you have mentioned.

  4. That’s a great list! Here my favorite list when investing:

    The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham
    One up with Wall Street by Peter Lynch
    You can be a stock market genius by Joel Greenblatt
    Security analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd
    Quality of earnings by O’Oglove
    The Essays of Warren Buffett by Lawrence Cunningham
    Contrarian Investment strategies by David Dreman

    Ron at Your Portfolio 101

    1. Indeed he did, Steve, and Buffett wrote several prefaces to the book’s different editions. The basic premise, that the market is nuts, allows the intelligent investor to look for underlying value and buy when prices make sense e.g. less than 10X earnings, and sell when the markets engage in “exuberance.”
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  5. Nice collection of books. These books help to build our business and also maintain our business time to time. I read book which name is “Success system that never falls”. It has very good and interesting strategies for maintain our business system.

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