9 Largely Ignored Superheros

9 lesser superheroesNeglected in the fickle world of comic fandom, these nine lesser superheroes find remembrance here.  Held back by a tragic lack of ability and subsequent comic book reader disinterest, here are the bottom nine:

1. Mint Lad

Power:  Able to cleverly employ mints, including after-dinner and before-dinner mints, to combat crime and world domination schemes.  

Notable accomplishments: In issue # 37 of Unknown Contributors, Mint Lad temporarily distracts bank robbers by projecting a mint scent onto the loot.  Mint Lad is a member of the Canadian League of Heroes Auxiliary Patrol. 

2. Puddle Pal

The superhero Puddle PalPower:  Able to slightly enlarge puddles.  

Notable accomplishments:  Former sidekick of Aqua Gal before they split over “creative differences.”  Puddle Pal claimed to have caused evil genius Quang Quong to slip during a getaway flight, leading to soreness and eventual capture. 

3. Belt Slightly Tighter Lass

Power:  Able to slightly tighten belts, waistcoats, and thongs.

Notable accomplishments:  Foils an international garment plot by sowing discomfort among squabbling staff members.  Belt Slightly Tighter Lass was honored with a solid aluminum Medal of Crime Awareness by the City of Potchkiss, Kentucky at their First (and last) Weevil Time Festival.

4. Purple Prepubescent

Power:  Unknown

Notable accomplishments:  One of a series of temporary sidekicks of The Vengeful Waiter, part-time hero, part-time employee of TGIF.

5. Fern Man

Power:  Able to make clumps of ferns and, to some extent, brushy vegetation grow more rapidly.

Notable accomplishments:  After a strong start helping camouflage two police detectives with ferns during a stake-out of the Squirrel Gang, Fern Man becomes the semi-permanent “headquarters monitor” during off-planet missions of the Super Teens, issues #74, 81, and 92.

6. Lounge Lady

Power:  Incredibly patient while listening to conversations of the possibly evil.

Notable accomplishments:  Voted “most popular” at Mike’s Grill.  Claims to have met the Human Flittermouse and tipped him to the “general climate of badness” of Peripheral City.

7. Hamster Hombre

Power:  Able to understand the language of hamsters

Notable accomplishments:  Despite repeated offers on Craig’s List, Hamster Hombre is not picked up for serious crime fighting duty.  Doubts about the utility, and even the veracity, of his signature superpower lead to his famous “defection to evil,” also posted on Craig’s List, although no evil is apparently committed. 

Cartoon of Otter Boy for 9 Largely Forgotten Superheroes8. Otter Boy

Power:  Able to make a convincing otter sound

Notable accomplishments:  In issue #1 of Outdoor Fish and Crime, a short-lived free comic published by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Otter Boy leads a pair of rogue trapper poachers into the hands of federal Fish and Game authorities.  Later in the same issue, Otter Boy teaches schoolkids the importance of observing game regulations.


9. Beaver Lad 

Power:  Able to mingle with beavers and warn them of game violationsCartoon of Beaver Lad for 9 Largely Forgotten Superheroes

Notable accomplishments:  Lukewarm reception to Otter Boy in issue #1 of Outdoor Fish and Crime lead to Beaver Lad’s dramatic debut in issue #2 as “vigilant colleague of the beaver” as the furry gnawers evade illegal trapping.  Due to meddling by federal supervisors, there was no issue #3 of Outdoor Fish and Crime. 

Mere footnotes in a genre of literature that lacks footnotes, these lesser comic book superheroes probably should not be forgotten.  

Do you know an ignored superhero?  It is your duty to leave a comment!

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  1. I am most familiar with Lounge Lady . . those who convince others that the “institution” is at fault (and not the users). Re: Crow dignity – I know nothing either, but I think the anger is really about “something else.” Write more on Squidoo (I keep checking). Smoooooch, Rose (aka sousababy)

    1. Rose, the institution doesn’t seem to really care what color cow you are — purple, green, polka dot — as long as it can milk you. I’ll write some more product reviews — I made about $4 this payday on sales, and more if you count links back to my site (heh, heh) but made a lousy 42 cents on ads, down from $4 last month, down from $17 the previous month. Material is just as good (or bad). Hard to stay motivated.
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      1. You make a valid point Astro G . .

        BTW, I just featured you on my latest Squidoo lens (hope okay with you):

        I’m starting to hear crickets too . .

  2. Lounge Lady is a bit haggard these days, but still worth a mention. Of course, she’s a local legend at hot-spots like Mike’s Grill, and in the next town over from mine, Peripheral City.

    They’ve even erected a statue in her honor… a cigarette in one hand and a dirty martini in the other…
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  3. You could have mentioned some of the classics from Viz magazine… The Brown Bottle (can open bottles and cans with just his teeth) and Cider Lady (can swear at passers by at great distance)!

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