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Squidoo tipsAstroGremlin has gone Squidoo crazy! (and later learned he was crazy to trust Squidoo)

Update: Squidoo is no longer

Squidoo is was a fun and supportive blogging community that posts articles (mostly product reviews) and shares in the proceeds from ad revenues.  If you are a writer, I encourage you to try it (Squidoo is not only free, you can make a couple of bucks).

Perhaps even more valuable, Squidoo teaches you the basics of how to structure web articles to get noticed by Google, use photos, engage readers — all the tricks of the blogging trade and all in easy to complete “modules.”

You write articles, called “lenses,” by filling out the modules you choose.  Modules  make it easy to upload photos, create reader polls and quizzes, get comments, paste in YouTube videos, and show off Amazon products.

Squidoo is like blogging, but you don’t need a domain name and don’t need to know what you’re doing!

You are automatically made an Amazon affiliate partner with Squidoo (you split the revenues from your lenses).

Each of your lenses gets ranked based on how many hits it gets (even from your fellow Squidoo logosquids).  If any one of your lenses attracts traffic, it gets a higher rank.  Get in the top 89,000 or so and your lens makes about 50 cents a month from ad revenues.  Get in the top 10,000 and your lens gets a $5 share of the Squidoo advertising pot.  Get in the top 2,000 and it’s about $60 a month.

The best I’ve done so far is to get one lens in the top 10,000 for awhile.  On Squidoo you learn about the Google value of article freshness.  But a lens can coast along in the top 89,000 without much effort it seems.

Your lens ranking is also based on sales.  Can you write compelling ad copy?  Squidoo lets you practice finding products and sharing why they are worth buying.  All of Amazon is at your disposal.  Oh, and eBay, too.  It’s all done on modules.

If one of your lenses makes a sale on Amazon or eBay, you split the commission with Squidoo. You can paste in your own affiliate links and links to your blog articles.  Yes, Squiddo drives traffic to your blog.  Don’t get too spammy, because the community wants a good reader experience.  That’s in everyone’s interest.

Still, Squidoo encourages your personal style.  It was created by Seth Godin of “purple cow” fame, and the tone is very, very upbeat.

You get rewarded for certain actions, like posting a photo in an intro module, publishing a lens, reading other writer’s lenses and commenting.  Squidoo is just like the Internet but in a small and understandable dollhouse size.  The system guides you and trains you in useful blogging activities.

Many writers find the Squidoo “workshop” conducive to lens building.  It’s like making art projects in a class — you show off your latest creation, look at your classmates’ projects with envy.  You try again.  You get better.

Confused yet?  Don’t worry, Squidoo holds your tentacle and walks you through every stage, rewarding you with points and trophies.

Yes, it’s pretty silly and relaxed.  But some people make hundreds of lenses and some even make a decent revenue stream.


Very much like Squidoo is InfoBarrel, which a Squidoo pal turned me onto.  I just published my first article there The One Essential Your Avocado Tree May Need. If your aren’t an avocado grower, well, this article is probably not for you. But if you are, it’s about a trick you may not know about. Would you like to try writing on InfoBarrel? Check it out here –>

If you are a reader, or just want to see what Squidoo is all about, check it out below.

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