Beatles and Jaan Pehechan Ho

What’s the connection?

Here’s an introduction to the fabulous Beatles.  This is an entire concert in Japan in 1965.  Keep in mind that so many Beatles songs are yet to come — they play their newest tunes, like Paperback Writer. 

Now add another great song from 1965, little known in the west back then but one you may now recognize from a beer commercial!

Jaan Pehechan Ho sung by Mohammed Rafi

The ultimate connection.

FUSION of the Fab Four and Bollywood!

Just for your information:

Soundtrack to the Heineken commercial, the song Jaan Pehechan Ho produced for the 1965 Bollywood film Gumnaam, also is featured in the opening and closing credits of the fabulous film Ghost World (2001) starring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, and Steve Buscemi.  

With a “Rotten Tomatoes” rating at 92%, Ghost World is a terrific film.

Ghost World
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