Best Hose Nozzle Is Not the Cheapest Hose Nozzle

Having Tried Many Hose Nozzles, Bon-Aire is the Best Hose Nozzle

BUT the Bon-Aire is not the cheapest hose nozzle.

Imagine watering every corner of your yard standing in one place!  This can be accomplished in two ways. 1) Having a very small yard 2) Getting a Bon-Aire firehose-style nozzle.

The Bon-Aire is a precision device designed to throw out water at a high velocity and to a great distance. Old fashioned brass nozzles achieve something like the same result, a powerful jet that can be choked down to a fine mist.

The Bon-Aire is quite different.

Every setting, except right before shut off, puts out a high volume of water.   For power cleaning, brass nozzles are fine, but they lack the Bon-Aire versatility, ease of adjustment, especially the soaker setting.

The best hose nozzle also has a gentle side.

With a twist the Bon-Aire turns a high-powered stream into a thick, gentle soaking shower.

In between, the nozzle offers a range of different sprays, many that still travel more than 25 feet!

Two downsides to the Bon-Aire firehose-style hose nozzle.

  1. The Bon-Aire does not spray a mist. If you grow orchids I can not recommend the Bon-Aire!
  2. The cost. You pay more for the Bon-Aire. The heavy construction and precision spray apparatus do not come cheap.

Beware of cheaper knock-offs that look like the Bon-Aire hose nozzle but don’t perform as well.

I made the mistake of buying a lookalike nozzle in a hardware store. The cheaper nozzle was the spitting image of a Bon-Aire (pun intended) but lacked the precision and performance.  Like Felco Pruners the best hose nozzle costs more but keeps performing brilliantly for many, many years.

Features of the Bon-Aire 

  • Rust proof, leak proof
  • Solid stainless steel or aluminum construction (yes, you can drive over it with your car but please don’t)
  • Turns off by twisting in either direction
  • 1-year warrently
  • Five spray patterns and shut off with a simple twist

The Best Feature of the Best Hose Nozzle?

Using the Bon-Aire for watering, cleaning under eaves, knocking down wasp’s nests, washing cars, walls, and even the roof gives you the feeling of holding real power in your hands. There is a joy that comes from using a fine tool. I get that feeling from the Bon-Aire.

I predict that you will agree when you feel the substantial heft and precision control of the best hose nozzle in your own hands. Try one Bon-Aire and, once you try it, plan on getting one for every hose on your property. Check out the reviews and the recent lower price before you buy.