Don’t Write Any More Blogs! Dictate Them Instead

Dragon NaturallySpeaking will put your blog writing on steroids!

This blog is an experiment in using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate a blog in the new “Just Write” full screen editor in WordPress 3.2 and to explain some of Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s simple commands.  One of the objectives of this experiment is to find out whether or not I can reduce spurious commands that open functions in WordPress.  In a previous article I reported that Dragon NaturallySpeaking was opening up WordPress commands.  Now I just said the word “WordPress” without opening any WordPress commands.  I’m now going to try using the WordPress editor in normal view.

I just exited full-screen “Just Write” view to see if the word “WordPress” opens any commands.  Well, so far so good.  WordPress is not freaked out and has offered me no unwanted command options.

On the other hand, when I say Dragon “NaturallySpeaking” that program does respond!

But there is a workaround.  If I use my mouse to highlight the phrase “NaturallySpeaking” and click Ctrl C, whenever I need to use “that phrase”I just click Ctrl V to paste it in.  Ask yourself this, “How many articles do I write about NaturallySpeaking?”

NaturallySpeaking has some limitations

Dragon NaturallySpeaking has problems with homonyms, for example, when I say “just write” it types “just right.”  And you have to be vigilant about whether Dragon NaturallySpeaking typed exactly what you said.  Oh well, to be able to dictate a blog at something like three times the speed of typing is worth a little adjustment!

And here’s a bonus, when NaturallySpeaking gets the word right, that word is spelled perfectly.

Writing about Dragon “NaturallySpeaking” commands is a little more challenging.  But I will type out some commands to show you some of the amazing power of the software.

Here are some of the more commonly used commands in Dragon NaturallySpeaking:

New line” is what I just said to start a new line.

space” adds a space.

period” adds what the British call a “full stop.”

Scratch that” allows me to delete my last utterance.  This is extremely handy in theinstance when Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t understand what I just said.

Begin quote” and “End quote” are uttered at the beginning and the end of a quotation.  Obviously here I had to type out the commands but used the commands to surround them with quotation marks.

Capitalize that” lets me capitalize the first letter of each word in a selected phrase.  So When I Say This Phrase followed by the command “capitalize that” this is what happens.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I PRECEDE A REMARK WITH THE COMMAND “all caps on” and caps get turned off with the command “no caps on.”

page up” and “page down” allow me to move around my document.  I can even move up and down by a specified number of lines.

Characters such as “-” “?”  “.”  “!”  are as easy as saying their names!

Undo” is a particularly useful command!

To turn off the microphone just say “go to sleep.”  To turn it back on, say “wake up.

It sometimes feels as though I have a writing genie at my command!

I don’t want to leave you with the impression that you have to memorize all these commands.  As I am writing this I have open in the sidebar Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s list of “global commands.”  Interestingly, I can open this helpful list of commands with the simple phrase “what can I say.”

I just found out something interesting.  If I slowly say a command, one-word-at-a-time, I can write about commands without turning them on.

I’m sitting here and realizing that I just wrote a post in a matter of a few minutes.

As we know, how prolific a blogger you are helps to determine your site’s attractiveness to search engines and, of course, the sheer volume of articles increases your blog’s value.

I wanted to advertise this amazing product because I believe in it and also believe it has tremendous value for bloggers working to generate original content quickly.

If you would like to give Dragon NaturallySpeaking a try, just click on the logo, check the price, and ask yourself “How much is my time worth?”

Are you a compulsive editor?  Is it slowing you down?  Read some tips on how to avoid editing as you write.  (Hint: Along with nine others, one of the tips suggests dictating to break your wri/editing habit!)

4 thoughts on “Don’t Write Any More Blogs! Dictate Them Instead”

    1. Thank you Michael. The software occasionally opens a WordPress command, but it’s rare and no big deal. I will often use a word processor to compose and article, and it saves a huge amount of typing time. Is Naturally Speaking perfect? No, it makes mistakes, which get better with “training.” And it’s amazing close to a perfect transcript. The real discipline is remembering to turn it on!

  1. Actually Dragon is very bad for use on Word Press and Wish list member on blue host.
    Whenever I have used Dragon direct it has

    1. Slowed the site down immeasurably
    2. Eventually completely shut the membership site down

    Do not use it….

    1. Hold on there, David! I think we are talking about two different programs. Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance is voice recognition software. It doesn’t get installed on one’s site or . . . well it’s a Dragon of a different color! Appreciate your comment nevertheless and hope people understand which software you’re referencing.
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