AstroGremlin Contest!

AstroGremlin, as we all know, has the superpower of discovering amazing products.  But what does AstroGremlin look like?

AstroGremlin Art Contest

Pick Your Favorite AstroGremlin!




AstroGremlin with pink shirt______________________________________________________________________


AstroGremlin simple line drawing_______________________________________________________________________


AstroGremlin stylized line drawing



AstroGremlin with green coloring



AstroGremlin with dark lines on cheeks________________________________________________________________________


AstroGremlin abstract line drawing

Just leave a comment in the box below with the # of your AstroGremlin pick and the reason you like it!

10 thoughts on “AstroGremlin Contest!”

  1. I like the first one because it has colours all over it and if I had to choose another one it would be number 6 for nice green face and the mask thing if you know what i mean, if that was fully coloured, even for its body as well as the background, it might be the best one!

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